Put Up or Shut Up


October 18, 2019

I heard that Turkey worked out a 5 day cease fire in Syria to allow the Kurds to leave the area after Pence and Pompeo visited Turkey's president. This after the democrats in congress, lead by Speaker Pelosi, pushed and passed a House resolution condemning President Trump for withdrawing our small contingent of troops from their position in between two advancing armies; one being the Russians and the other the Turks.

Now the Democrats seem to be "hawks" when it comes to war!

The President should make a public statement:

If Pelosis' Congress wants us to be in Syria then MAKE A DECLARATION OF WAR as only congress can do. If not then as Biden said "shut up".

Where is the Church of Today?


October 16, 2019

In the middle of the Democrats' Presidential Primary Debates on Oct 15, 2019 an advertisement was run for a group named the "Freedom from Religion". The ad had former President Ronald Reagan's estranged son Ron Reagan speaking for the group, he ended with, "I'm Ron Reagan and I'm not afraid of burning in hell". Well that about says it all for the Democrats and their positions as a group. I heard the candidates calling out about their fears that some state legislatures are moving to outlaw abortions. These concerns of the Democrats are concealed in calls to protect "womens' reproductive rights". It sounds to me that they don't want their rights to reproduce protected but rather their rights to kill the innocent child yet unborn. I suppose the Freedom from Religion advertisement makes sense to the crowd on the stage and those that support them.

Where is the church of today? I hear the Speaker of the House tout her Catholic faith and then support the killing of children in the womb. Has the church lost it's way or it's voice? I recall Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 5 rebuking the church in Corinth for allowing one in their flock to have sex with his father's wife. Paul was outraged and he was clear on how the church was to handle such immorality. The Church of Laodicea is alive and well here in America and preaching it's false teachings to the flock (See Revelation Chapter 3). "Lukewarm" the church is called, or as we have here in America, the "Its All Good Church". We are in many cases afraid to raise our voices in condemnation of behavior that is clearly in opposition to Scripture and the will of God. Jesus told us, "If you are ashamed of me before men I will be ashamed of you before My Father". We have chosen our sides and many deny even making that choice.

We must, as disciples of Jesus the Christ, find our voices and "choose this day whom you will follow". God will not be mocked, not even by His supposed church. We are told that God starts His cleansing in His house first, this means His church. I think of the tolerance of behavior that is an abomination to God by us as if it doesn't matter, but it does.

Those who claim to be Christians or the disciples of Jesus the Christ must make a stand. This is what was meant when the story of the "watchmen on the wall" was told. When the watchmen see the enemy coming (Satan) we are to call out a warning to those in danger and if they fail to listen, their blood is on their head. If we fail to call out a warning then their blood is on our head. When we see others practicing sinfully we must warn them and share the testimony of Jesus the Christ. I love the Hebrew name of Jesus it is Yeshua translated into "Yehovah Saves". Beautiful. Let us not fear what man thinks of us but let us have reverence for God and His will lest we fall. It is always the right time to do what is right.

Semper Fi, another "ambassador in chains",

True Value at the UN


September 25, 2019

While the liberals focus on "climate change" at the United Nations our President is focusing on something of true value and that is religious persecution around the world.

Those around the world that believe in Jesus the Christ are the most persecuted people on earth. It is reported that 80% of these believers suffer some form of persecution for their beliefs. No president has ever delivered a speech on the topic of religious persecution to the United Nations. President Trump is submitting to God and carrying the concerns of the faithful to the entire world.

This is a dramatic change from our last president who supported Islam far more openly than those that believe in Jesus the Christ. One only has to compare the policies and the conversations each of these presidents had with America and the world with regards to faith.

This is another reason the leftist media and those leftists around our country hate President Trump so. "Fear not" Jesus Himself warned if we follow Him we too will be hated and this is surely the case with President Trump.

One wonders how many wonderful stories of things our President has done go unreported by those that hate him.

We must continue to keep President Trump in prayer as we must recognize that, as Paul told us in Ephesians, we battle not against men but against principalities and powers in high places. Pray for the unborn that they will be saved from abortion, pray for the church that it will not be the Church of Laodicea (read in Revelation chapt 3) and that we, as the faithful, will find our voices and stand firm for our God the one true God and His Son Jesus the Christ.


Semper Fi,

another "ambassador in chains",

What is Justice?


September 25, 2019

I thought it may be of interest to share a few thoughts on the behavior of our government in particular the Department of Justice. There is a reason that the name of this department carries the title it does, that reason is to administer justice for the American people at every opportunity.

Justice is an interesting word that should seem to carry some "higher standard" of behavior when we hear those words. We should revisit what the definition of justice is; this way we will have some idea why the title "Department of Justice" was selected for this department.

One would think if one's title was "carpenter" this person would be skilled in carpentry as you would, say, a "brain surgeon". With the title of brain surgeon you would expect they would be knowledgeable of the human brain and in the ways of performing necessary surgeries when needed to fulfill their work.

That being said we would believe also that the Department of Justice would be skilled in delivering justice to all they have dealings with. Here is the Webster's 1828 Dictionaries definition of justice:

"The virtue which consists in giving to every one what is his due; practical conformity to the laws and to principles of *rectitude in the dealings of men with each other; honesty; integrity in commerce or mutual intercourse. Justice is distributive or commutative. Distributive justice belongs to magistrates or rulers, and consists in distributing to every man that right or equity which the laws and the principles of equity require; or in deciding controversies according to the laws and to principles of equity.


*The definition of "rectitude" is as follows:

"noun, In morality, rightness of principle or practice; uprightness of mind; exact conformity to truth, or to the rules prescribed for moral conduct, either by divine or human laws. Rectitude of mind is the disposition to act in conformity to any known standard of right, truth or justice; rectitude of conduct is the actual conformity to such standard."

I thought it wise to include these two definitions to use as a basis to compare how our Department of Justice, through their myriad of agencies such as the FBI, Federal Courts and the U.S. Attorneys Office, are performing their job that we the American people pay for and are in fact subject to at times.

So here goes, In my particular case dealing with the Bundy family in Bunkerville Nevada I will lay out a few facts about my experiences. When I arrived in Bunkerville the Bundy family was terrified due to the fact that the FBI and or BLM (Bureau of Land Management) had sniper teams placed above their home taking aim at those who either visited or lived there; to include small children. This in fact was the sole reason I traveled to Bunkerville in 2014. The Department of Justice's (DOJ) U.S. Attorney Mr. Myhre did not have a warrant to search nor arrest anyone at the Bundy home or any of those visiting, yet sniper teams were in place. No one from the Bundy family had threatened any Federal law enforcement officers or anyone representing the federal government. Several members of the Bundy family had been physically assaulted by Bureau of Land Management agents and this is on video, and even under such stress the Bundy's remained peaceful. Bundy family members were taken into custody without due process for recording the actions of the federal sniper teams. The Bundy's cattle were being shot and concealed either in mass graves or hauled out into desolate areas to conceal their corpses. After a 2 year investigation and the second try to obtain indictments against 19 people who were at the Bundy ranch indictments were finally granted. We were taken into custody and held without bail and in fact denied bail and delivered eventually to the Federal Court in Las Vegas Nevada before Judge Navarro. We were then denied bail and denied our right to a "speedy trial" as the prosecution and the judge decided our case was "complex". This decision was after the prosecution had a 2 year head start on building their case. The judge ordered the prosecutions evidence to be provided to the defendants and their counsel within 2 weeks. This never happened and what was released in my case took months and the most important information was never released by the prosecution. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney denied that there were snipers at the Bundys even in their testimony and had it not been for BLM Lead Investigator Wooten's letter as a "whistle blower" we would never have had any proof of the snipers being deployed.

BLM Lead Investigator Wooten called out the BLM under Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love as well as the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for concealing vital information in the case as well as for outrageous and dangerous behavior by the government. It may be a good time to go back and read the definition of justice again before you continue. The department that bears the title containing it's job title "Justice" was anything but just. In fact their behavior was illegal and dangerous not to mention it flies in the face of our nation's Constitutional guarantees.

When Wooten's letter was sent to the court and the DOJ the last 2 out of 3 trials were ruled "mistrials with prejudice". Mind you they hadn't been tried yet and the only trial that had occurred has 2 men in prison for lengthy terms and any others that signed plea agreements were held to their agreements. This even though the truth of the Prosecutor's, the FBI's and the BLM's deceit, lies and concealment of vital evidence was denied to those convicted before the information was revealed by Wooten.

We see in the news about the FBI's spying on President Trump's campaign and lying to obtain FISA warrants, leaking information and in reality trying to overthrow our government and no one goes to jail. No justice is delivered for the people of America through the department that bears the title "Department of Justice".

I have sat in prison for nearly 4 years along with 2 others in the case and justice cries out to be served. We will never get back the years we have spent wrongly imprisoned, but if we can in some way correct the behavior of an out of control "justice" system it will be worth it.


Semper Fi,

No Indictment for Comey


September 1, 2019

From Jerry immediately after the news that Comey's off the hook:

I just learned that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided not to seek an indictment against former FBI Director James Comey for a variety of his wrongdoings. It is of no surprise that the multitude of agencies that make up (specifically the DOJ) protect themselves from the people they take an oath to serve.

Our government does not hold itself to the same requirements under the law that they hold us "The People" to. These government "officials" and the Agencies use our tax dollars to fund the prosecution of "we the citizens". Using full weight of the "law" without the presumption of innocence, and then grant themselves or their "friends" in government a pass when they are caught breaking the very laws they take an oath to enforce.

If the FBI and the DOJ used the same standards of enforcement to prosecute James Comey or even Hillary Clinton that they used with such great zeal to prosecute then candidate Trump and later President Trump or his associates, Comey and Clinton would be in prison by now. I must note that it's not just Comey and Clinton, there are a multitude of others that have broken our nation's laws, and in actuality tried to foist an overthrow of our duly elected President.

I always believed that a rebellion on that level bordered on treason. I can't imagine our generals in the military deciding they don't like a President and then planning to overthrow him or her using all of the power at their disposal and upon being discovered that the fallout from such a failed attempt would be handled with all of the understanding and leniency that this near revolt has been treated by the DOJ and Congress.

It is a strange thing... the lack of attention this coup de tat has received by so few in the media, and to be honest by those in our own government namely Congress and the DOJ. If this was happening in another country our media would be calling it what it is, an attempted overthrow, and reporting on it. The majority of America's media only care and report on what they can use to try and damage President Trump.

The Scripture talks of "those that love the lie and are given over to strong delusion", this aptly fits the behavior of most of our media and those on the left.

Now when the average citizen is targeted by the DOJ it is, for the most part just allowed to progress while the Citizens, not having the power of the White House or the legal counsel afforded those in positions of high authority, are steam rolled into accepting a plea agreement or imprisoned. Later even if the citizen is found innocent they suffer from the financial devastation of defending themselves, loss of income and not to mention time from their lives.

It doesn't matter to the media or the government if it's "We The People" who suffer these things and if we care to look, there is a long history of these types of abuses. We had a weaponized IRS under Obama going after conservatives and then using the DOJ to run investigations on the Lefts' political enemies. Name the government officials that were sent to prison for any of these illegal attacks even after it is proven they broke the law. You will struggle to find one prosecution of these government criminals.

This brings us right back to former FBI Director Comey, numerous FBI agents and lest we forget Hillary Clinton. Most Americans don't believe any of these criminals will ever be prosecuted much less go to jail because of who they are. I ask why should it matter who they are to an agency that goes by the name of "The Department of Justice"? Was this not what we fought Britain about and separated from them for, so as not to suffer under a king and the royalty and their decrees that go along with having rulers nearly 243 years ago?

We are guaranteed in our Constitution a "republican form of government" nothing less and that is what we as Americans have fought to defend for over two centuries.

I sit in prison fully believing I was targeted for my conservative positions and my willingness to state them under then President Obama and his lawless operations. If our Founding Fathers were still alive and those that stood with them I would have some great company in my current location.

We have an opportunity with President Trump to reclaim much of what we have lost as a nation, namely a just government that is not a servant to those in power within our government. We must find our voices and stand up calling on President Trump to hold those in government accountable to the same standards of justice "We The Citizens" are held, anything less is tyranny. Our President is fighting hard to repair our economy from the damage done by former Presidents both Republican and Democrat and he is having great success in this.

We also need to shrink the overgrown federal government and it must relinquish some (much) of it's authority back to the states as stated in the 10th Amendment to our Constitution. We are not the former United Soviet Socialist Republic and we must stop acting like it and stop accepting the monstrous over reach of the federal government. I believe if we rally behind our President, this President, we can voice our concerns and desires and he will work to reclaim our Republic. Call him!

Semper Fi,

"I have been curious..."

July 17, 2019

"I have been curious as to why the court in Nevada has not responded to the motions by those defendants that suffered the same injustice as the defendants that had their cases declared a mistrial with prejudice. The 19 men charged in the case suffered the same injustice by the U.S. Attorney and his staff, the FBI and the BLM that was the basis for declaring the mistrials with prejudice. The evidence concealed and the lies by the U.S. Attorney denied all 19 men a fair chance at proving their innocence. In some twisted judicial nonsense the courts have provided themselves a way to deny justice to the very people they swore to provide it to.


We have heard of the corrupted behavior of many in the top echelons of the FBI trying to overthrow our last presidential election. There were two more cases just dropped in Las Vegas Nevada because of the FBI agents corrupted behavior to the point that they spent tens of thousands of dollars partying and at brothels for sex, and the brothel employed underage girls as prostitutes. These agents ran a sting later for a friend who was a jilted Federal Prosecutor to entrap his competition. Neither of the agents involved were charged. How can this be? I think of the oath I took as an 18 year old Marine so many years ago and how important those words were, important enough to be a requirement to be a U.S. Marine. Our public servants to include those in the FBI, DOJ and every other agency must also take that same oath. Was I mistaken holding that oath in the highest of regard?


I am curious if those men and women in the FBI and the DOJ have considered stepping forward to tell the truth on what has been occurring in these agencies? What about integrity? When they allow criminal behavior such as imprisoning citizens while denying their rights are possibly even knowing they are innocent how do they justify such behavior? Who has become the enemy of our Constitution and their oath to uphold and defend it? I am absolutely sure there are good agents in these agencies but they must come forward and remember their oath. There is another judgment coming at some time and that judge knows the entire truth and the intentions of our hearts. Justification for doing wrong won't wash in this judgment. What if those falsely imprisoned were your friends or family members?


Bureau of Land Management Special Investigator Wooten is one of these agents with integrity. Mr. Wooten came forth and told the truth as to what the BLM, FBI, DOJ and U.S. Attorneys office was concealing and doing their best to deny justice to 19 men, a number of which are veterans. Mr. Wooten doesn't have to feel ashamed of his behavior as he did what was right, what he took an oath to do and may God bless him for it. I urge all of you in the government to uphold your oath, it's the only one you were required by law to take. Take your chances and come forward the American people are a forgiving people and courage and integrity are admired by us. There is a saying on our memorial in Washington DC, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue"."


Semper FI,


"My Position"

Oct 19, 2018 9:20 AM

I thought it a good idea to speak about some of the issues that put me here in prison.

Interestingly enough on the original indictment, which was actually factually wrong about me in many of their accusations, I was the last name on that indictment. The indictment had the Bundys and others listed and then a huge blank space of several lines of names that were obviously not charged and then my name. Me being the only person charged in the case who was not present on April 12, 2014 in Bunkerville Nevada.

I've thought much about this and I know that my politics have angered many a democrat and liberal due to my outspoken nature. For that matter I have probably angered plenty of republicans for calling them out on their failure to follow the Constitution or do what they campaigned on. I also wondered about the suicide of a dear friend Kenny, I know the FBI was creeping around as I had plenty of word on their appearances to people who knew me. I've wondered if the FBI did their normal intimidation/threatening to get Kenny to say something about me. I know Kenny, he was a decent man and a friend that I loved and I do believe he would have chosen death rather than to bear false witness against me. He was that kind of man. The FBI threatened to indict another friend of mine unless he went before a grand jury while I was imprisoned in Pahrump Nevada. This person had no information to share that wasn't public and he certainly knew I didn't break any laws. His problem was his health, he has cancer and is on a special diet and if he had been incarcerated in Pahrump he would have either died or became ill again. His special diet has curbed his cancer and the FBI knew it, they also knew what I would do if I was aware they were threatening to indict him.

I recieved my plea agreement within a day or so of my friend telling my wife Susan that he may be indicted and it could kill him. I thought I was going to have a detention hearing but my attorney at the time brought me the plea agreement. I know that the FBI agent on my case back in New Hampshire knew me, as he told Susan and I he had studied me. My point being, he knew full well I would sign the plea to keep my friend out of harms way. This is what the FBI does they squeeze and pressure innocent people to bend to their pressure, for me it was the only choice. I told my attorney when he presented the plea agreement he and Myhre (the lead US attorney on the case) had cooked up that they were asking me to perjure myself and they both knew it. I told my then attorney that they were "conspiring" to get me to lie to save my friend. I asked my attorney if the FBI would leave my friend(s) in New Hampshire alone if I signed the plea and he "nodded" yes. There was no mistaking his "nod" and he knew clearly what I was asking. Anyone who knows me knows I try to be clear about what is say.

At my "change of plea hearing" I asked Judge Navarro if I signed the plea agreement knowing that the information on it was not true would I be comitting perjury? If she had said yes I would not have signed it but she gave some explanation about if it's raining outside which she used to not answer the question. I knew right then that justice would not be served in her court.

Justice hadn't been served in her court in our previous hearings and after that explanation I knew it wouldn't be. The prosecution had been ordered to release their "discovery" which is the evidence they have gathered on the case regarding those charged; they were given 2 weeks to provide it to the accused and their counsel. I never received all of my discovery and much of the pertinent evidence (discovery) was hidden by the BLM, the FBI and the prosecution. This is what former lead BLM investigator Wooten was talking about when he release his "whistleblower" letter.

Mr. Wooten's letter revealed the corrupt actions of the government in our case and caused 2 of the trials to be thrown out as mistrials with "prejudice" by Judge Navarro. I believe that Judge Navarro was covering her own rear as the lead US attorney Myhre had already been demoted by an investigator sent by the DOJ under now President Trump.

There are still 3 of us imprisoned on this case and a few more that suffered convictions and/or "time served" for things they never did or were justified in their actions. Myhre still gets a paycheck and those of us still imprisoned just wait for justice to come around to us. It's been a long wait and we aren't sure it will arrive.

There is a time for Americans to stand up for their rights and especially for the right to not be killed. That was our concern in Nevada, the information the government hid was about the sniper teams aiming rifles at the Bundy family.

It was worth the stand.

Semper Fi,

New Court Filing for Jerry


August 27, 2019

I love you my Beautiful Wife!!!
Today I visited the officer where we send out packages through the mail and he called the mailroom after I explained the issue of only receiving one side of the two sided filings sent to me via the mail. He said they would take care of it and when they did mail call this afternoon just after 4pm count I received the mail all sides copied! The staff was great and couldn't have been more helpful or efficient in correcting the issue.

I have since read all of Dustin's filing and he did a wonderful job. (Dustin Marcello is our attorney) Now we'll see if the court is willing to right their mistake. Either way we continue to fight for justice and as I read Dustin's writings it just brought back so many memories of the Bundy women crying and thanking me for being there so those snipers would not continue aiming their rifles at their children. Whether I spend the entire 87 months in prison that alone is worth it. Others have been imprisoned for doing far greater deeds of righteousness. I suppose the fear of doing what is right costing us something personally keeps so many silent and allows evil to proceed unchecked. I know that Judge Navarro knows that I did not go out to Bunkerville to extort anyone but to stand in the way of the BLM's outrageous actions. I said it enough times publicly I didn't care about the cows but only the guns aimed at the children and grandchildren by the BLM and if they wanted to arrest Cliven Bundy no one would oppose them. Its never mentioned but when I originally called Cliven on April 8, 2014 I asked him if there was a warrant for his arrest and he told me "not that I am aware of". Then I asked Cliven if there was would he abide by it and he stated "yes". The first question I posed to Cliven after my arrival in Bunkerville was would he still abide by a warrant if presented and he stated "yes". I had told him I would not get in the way of a lawful warrant and that I would like to see him remain alive to take up his case in court. This I said in an interview outside the Clark County Sheriff's office just as I left the building stating the same thing to the Sheriff's representative. I later traveled to Mesquite Nevada to meet with their Chief of Police, his Executive Officer (xo) and his public information officer and I told them the same thing. I even asked them if there was anything I could do to make things easier on them and the Chief of Police told me I wasn't doing anything wrong and if I chose to carry firearms I had a constitutional right to do so. We got along very well and Jack C. sat in on that meeting with me. I liked the Police Chief.

Interestingly there was an article written or maybe reported on me while I was there and I read the reporter's impression of me, "Jerry DeLemus, the voice of reason". It's too bad that the Department of Justice couldn't see that I am not their enemy but in fact an ally trying to keep the peace in a very volatile situation. I still love this country and believe it is worth sacrificing for as we have children and grandchildren not to mention society in general that deserve a just government, a government that will deal safely and fairly with the citizens they take an oath to defend. We are not the enemy of government but rather the overseers of it when need be. The government needs to realize that they are not always right and it is not them against us. I only pray that good comes from this sacrifice and that federal agents like the BLM's Daniel P. Love will be rooted out and removed as well as held legally accountable just like us the citizens, not merely fired or transferred for illegal behavior and wrongdoing. We'll see.

I love you my Beautiful Wife and you are worth a million camels, goats and cows, you are worth everything to me,
Your Husband

(Jerry's reference to cows and camels is about the "Bride Price" that men have to pay to their future father-in-law. The story goes that one man required 10 cows for his daughter's hand. Cows are very expensive in Africa and the story goes that apparently the cows were $1,000.00 each which is an astronomical number in Africa. Well the suitor was able to finally get the cows and was married to his love. So I like to brag that I am a 10 cow woman. (It was a true story told on our local Christian radio station))

"They don't 'de-oath' you"

August 14, 2019

[This letter was in response to a note from Ammon Bundy.]


I thought you might like to be able to post it to his page. It was great to see what Ammon said. It is important to stand for what we know is right and at times there is a cost for doing so. We must just be willing to pay the cost and always keep in mind to walk righteously. It is easy to spot problems with our country as there are a plethora of them but providing solutions is far from easy. So many Americans are apathetic and that is a very dangerous attitude to have as it allows lawlessness to go unopposed. Life is short in these bodies God has provided us and we have a responsibility to do what is right as long as we have a breath left in us. Our society and America in particular have become so tolerant of liars, dishonest people, lawless behavior and a government that has lost sight of it's obligation to the people.


I took an oath to uphold our Constitution when I was a young man being sworn into the United States Marine Corps and that oath still stands today, they don't "de-oath" you when you leave the service. Ronald Reagan told us "we are always only one generation away from losing our freedom" and he was right. I fear our Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize our government today as it continually erodes our Constitutional rights guaranteed in the founding documents. I think of all of the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery and what a huge cost has been paid for our freedom, yet we as a people sit by and have little to no civic involvement in our government. Protecting our freedoms is far more than voting in an election, it takes involvement and some time. Think of the nations that have slipped into tyranny, if the people had just united their voices early on and stood up to those that would put them under tyranny the lives saved and the tears not shed would be immense.


I haven't really done anything special or anything that others before me haven't done, I just stood. I love this country and I am not willing to see it slip into a socialist state or worse.


Semper Fi,


"My response to some of what I hear"

Dec 4, 2018 3:51 PM

I have been hesitant to respond to some of the things I have heard being said regarding me, my plea and my motivations. I want to be crystal clear that my intentions for driving 2700 miles one way to Bunkerville Nevada in April of 2014 was to keep the peace and protect lives. I had no other intention nor have I had any "enlightenment" as to what I should or shouldn't have done. 

I drove to Bunkerville after learning of some of what was going on at Cliven Bundy's ranch after placing a call to him. I had never spoken to or even heard of Cliven Bundy until that Tuesday morning in New Hampshire. When I talked to Cliven on the phone I asked him what was happening and he told me there were snipers placed above his home and they were aiming at the children and grandchildren at the house as well as anyone coming or going. Cliven was obviously upset and he was afraid they were going to be shot. I asked Cliven if he had been served a warrant or if he knew of a warrant for his arrest. Cliven responded "I don't know of any warrants for my arrest, so no". I asked him if he was served a warrant would he abide by it and he responded, "yes". I then asked what he needed thinking he needed money, letters or calls to the Governor or some Congressmen. Cliven responded to my question with "I need bodies". I took his words to mean he thought that the more people that were there the less likely the snipers would be to shoot his family. That was my understanding and it made sense, we didn't even discuss his cattle. I was moved to go so I told him I couldn't leave until Thursday and I asked what I needed and he said camping supplies, tents etc as that was the only option for shelter but he would be able to supply food. It ended up I only had two Bundy beef burgers in the 3 weeks I was there; I have spent nearly 3 years in prison with about 3 1/2 years to go. I haven't asked the Bundys for anything and nothing has been offered by them to include a phone call to my wife to see if she is okay. I'm not saying anything other than the facts of how this has transpired. 

The reality; this isn't about the Bundys it's about doing what is right.

On April 13, 2014 I was asked to oversee the camp that became known as "Camp Liberty". I'm still not sure why I was asked but I was. I oversaw the camp for about 3 weeks until I drove the 2700 miles back to my home in New Hampshire. I had many people inquire what we needed and my first response was always "Prayers". I had tried to make sure there were not any troublemakers, drugs, alcohol in the camp. I was among a large number of people I didn't know and there were some firearms being carried so I set up some rules, no aiming at law enforcement ever, all firearms were to be carried in a safe manner. The hope was that with just us being there that there would not be an attempt by anyone to harm the Bundy family. There had been threats over the internet against them, even a site of "Bundy must Die" had been set up by someone. I traveled to talk to the Sheriff's office as well as the Chief of the Mesquite Police Department to let them know we were not there to hinder them nor resist their authority. I merely wanted Cliven to get back into the court system to resolve the situation and remove the threat of violence against him or his family. 

The rest is history and now I hear that some have joined some group called "Blue Isis". I hear this group hates law enforcement and I pray that this isn't the case. I do not harbor any animosity towards law enforcement. As a society we need them and they do a valuable service for our citizens. Are there bad apples? Sure but that is just a human condition. Is the Department of Justice broken? Absolutely it is, and it must be repaired so it seeks justice; that is done through the courts. The courts must be fixed as well. These things must be done through the processes we have as citizens, elections, our voices, lobbying and peaceful protests when necessary. To support groups like "ANTIFA" or any group that promotes violence as the path to take, or that all law enforcement is bad is just ignorant and frankly lawless. Lawlessness is what I have been fighting against for decades and especially in our government. We cannot accuse law enforcement of being lawless and then act lawlessly ourselves. 

I've also heard some that have been on a mission to allow the illegal's from the South to enter our country illegally and to provide support for them. It seems strange that some who I hear are doing this are the loudest voices demanding protection for their property rights. It seems ironic that they would be calling for others to support those breaking our laws. 

Have I been treated fair by the courts? No I haven't. My treatment and the treatment of those like Todd Engel and Greg Burleson is what may be necessary to wake up some that haven't been paying attention. Don't pick up a gun, pick up your phone and start pushing politically, write op eds, contact your representatives, be constructive, use your voice. This wouldn't have happened if Americans had done their civic duty long ago and paid attention to what our government was doing through our courts and agencies like the BLM. 

I accepted a plea that was a lie because my best friend has leukemia and he was threatened to be indicted. He said he would die in jail if that happened and I was immediately presented a plea. I risked my life for the Bundys who I didn't know, I surely wouldn't let a friend of 30 years die in jail. If anyone has a problem with that I truly don't care as I know it was the right thing to do. I've heard I've been accused of this or that because I signed the plea and that in one case I heard Ammon Bundy forgives me for it.

If that is true I am not asking for anyone's forgiveness and if I was it would be my wife's. She has had to shoulder the burden of my imprisonment caring for her terminally ill mother. I wonder if Jeannette Finicum has been offered an apology? I traveled to Burns Oregon with a videographer I hired to try and get Ammon and the others to leave the Wildlife Refuge as I believed, and still do, that it was a wrong headed idea and taking a terrible risk. Those who were there made their own choices and that is their business; although I was clear with Ammon I thought it a mistake and his responsibility for what happened. I felt strong enough about it to fly across America to try and keep the peace again and I know what I did was right. The others involved have to make their own decisions on their actions and their results. I have no desire to be a martyr for any land rights issues and the only reason I risked my life and freedom was to preserve life. Those that want to judge me, that's your choice. I just wish that those who judge me would even risk something for my family, maybe just time or concern. 

I will end this with thanking all of those who have prayed from the beginning in April 2014 and those who are doing so even now. Your prayers and kindness are worth more than you know, the Scripture calls them a "sweet aroma to God". I and Susan are eternally thankful for you. Those who have aided us with physical labor or even donations; that is something I will never be able to repay or express my gratitude enough for.

I took a great risk along with others to try and keep people we didn't even know from being killed and I know I would have done it for anyone and I believe the others probably feel the same. That is what a free nation requires, risk to protect our liberties. If we are afraid our freedom will come at a cost look at Arlington Cemetery, it does.

I don't think it does any of us well to bicker or snipe we should join our voices and demand justice and nothing less from our government. I must end this with that we must have a moral people to ever have a hope of justice in our nation and that means honoring God and His Son.

Semper Fi,

Gerald DeLemus #15263-049
FMC Devens
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 879
Ayer, MA 01432
Release date: May 8, 2022

Jerry DeLemus

American Political Prisoner
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