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Man has seemed to learn fear of so very much that, in many ways, he has little to no control over. In America we fear contracting COVID 19. In fact we fear this so much that we wear masks, stay 6 feet or more away from others, continually wash our hands, do not attend church, do not have funerals or weddings nor go to work in many cases. *We fear lack of income but our fear of contracting COVID 19 keeps us home. *We fear being cited or arrested by our government so we are obedient to their laws, many of which we realize are ridiculous and even harming us. *We are fearful of man and obedient to his laws.

We have no "fear of Elohim (God)" so we do not do as He has commanded; as a matter of fact man has declared Elohim's laws outdated. For Conservatives this is much like what the Democrats say about the Constitution and the Conservatives speak up opposing such thought. Not so when it comes to Elohim's Commandments, people of all stripes ignore them and proclaim they do not exist anymore. There is no fear of Elohim yet many pray to Him through His Son when they have no where else to turn, when man's abilities or willingness fall short of doing what we ask or hope for. Yet we reject the very idea of having any fear of Elohim (fear of the LORD).

Fear can be described in a number of ways one is dread, another reverence and another is fright. If we choose the word reverence as our descriptor then it is painfully obvious that men, and this includes the churches in most cases, hold man in greater reverence than Elohim. There is not an honest "Christian" who can deny this if they pay attention to the teachings in most of our churches of tolerance and promotion of lawlessness when it comes to serving Elohim and His Son Yehoshua (Jesus). If you believe this statement is not true then explain the condition of our society. Just as Israel was placed in a position by Elohim to be a teaching example to the world on how to serve Elohim, the disciples of Yehoshua (Jesus) were put in a position to do the same. How are we doing and don't use a Bell Curve for your opinion.

The "Christian" church fears man more than Elohim and that is most obvious by their example of lack of faith. We allow man to close our services for "fear" of being arrested, cited or contracting COVID 19. We fear these things but not Elohim. Did we not learn anything from what Yehoshua (Jesus) taught us by His perfect walk on earth and before man?

The words we are provided by YeHoVaH's angels "fear not" would be well for us to recall. If we believe we are "saved" why are we so fearful? There must be some doubt in our minds and our hearts. This is a lack of faith on our part and something we must work on to removed from us. Yehoshua (Jesus) told us that when we ask His Father YeHoVaH our Elohim anything with belief and in His Son Yehoshua ha Messiah's name (Jesus the Christ's name) He will do it. Obviously there is a real lack of faith in the church even the faith that we should be obedient to our Father and His Son. But we certainly are obedient to man and his laws and rules.

We must repent as individuals, as a church and as a nation if we are to have the blessings of Elohim upon us. This is our choice, pray on your knees about it.

Semper Fi (another "ambassador in chains"), Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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