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From Jerry DeLemus


Congressgirl Cortez posted on the web that she had used Tic Tock to motivate young people to register to attend President Trump's rally in Tulsa Oklahoma Saturday night and then not attend. Her statement and reasoning was to make sure there were plenty of vacant seats at the rally to make it look bad for the President. I used the term Congressgirl as she obviously hasn't matured into womanhood mentally. Her antics are childish and dishonest which says much about her and her ability to represent her congressional district in New York. Pathetic at best.

This latest attack from the tolerant, caring, non-hating leftists should give any adult pause. If Congressgirl Cortez has an issue with President Trump's policies why not just deal with those issues in the open. President Trump has had a lot on his plate just since January of this year. Here are a few of the issues: impeachment by the Democrats, accusations of being a traitor and Russian agent, COVID-19 panic pandemic and now anarchists using the death of people they could not care less about to cause rioting and looting. So Congressgirl Cortez has to use lies and deceit as well as teaching our youth that that is how you accomplish your goals, through treachery. What could go wrong?

It seems what the left is saying if you don't want to be targeted then you must be quiet or anti-American. We have seen those that speak up about the anti-American practices of the Marxist movement in America and they are attacked until they submit to the will of the Marxist revolutionaries. This isn't just about Democrats and Republicans this is about Communism and how it overthrows a nation. We are witnessing a violent overthrow of our nation and the "useful idiots" they fool into supporting them. There was a homicide in Seattle Washington's newest sovereign community and the police were denied access by the armed revolutionaries. I'm sure these anarchists preserved the crime scene so the murderer can be identified and prosecuted. As a "Tea Party" member I remember the open hostility the left targeted us with as well as the false accusations. These same leftists, many of whom are in the press or our government, are fully supporting the Marxist's "right" to express themselves even while firebombing police cars, buildings, looting and hitting our police with bricks. If Americans don't see the double standards they are blind.

Blacks need to wake up and ask themselves why they still find reasons to riot. They have by a large percentage elected Democrats to represent them with their promises of reform for decades. President Trump as he stated has done more for blacks in America than Joe Biden has done in his 47 years in government as a Senator and a Vice President. Yet Biden has the majority of the black vote. This is ignorance at it's best and if they continue supporting Democrats they will never achieve the successes in our nation that they desire. President Trump didn't speak much trying to appease blacks because his job is to do his best for ALL Americans. Race is irrelevant if you are an American and no one deserves special treatment from our government because of their race white, black, brown or whatever. As a Marine there were no special rights given to a Marine because of race we were all Marines and that was enough. We pulled together for the success of the unit just as we all should for the success of our nation. When we elect someone to public office they better be a nationalist and their skin color is irrelevant. They are hired to represent America which then means all Americans and they are to take on the entire world trying to better our nation without hesitation. The Marxists don't want those we elect to represent America so that begs the question, who are they then to represent? We might think about that question. The media has become nothing but a propaganda operation for the Marxists and if we can't see it then the Marxists that educate our youth have succeeded.

Stand up and fight the good fight for our Republic. Read your U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, find your voice.

Semper Fi,



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