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America's Word


We hear often from the Left the complaints about how the native Americans were betrayed by our government. It seems odd that these voices that so readily attack our history over these issues are so very quiet while in fact our allies in Afghanistan who fought alongside our soldiers are being betrayed by the Biden Administration right now. There is video of an Afghan ally of ours was hung by the neck from the bottom of one of our abandoned Black Hawk helicopters and flown around as a demonstration of the "new Taliban". This as America, through our politicians and our Generals, promised our allies in Afghanistan that we would not abandon them. Yet not only have we abandoned probably in excess of 100,000 of these allies but also, according to last weeks Pentagon and Biden administration's numbers, at least 9,000 American citizens in Afghanistan. The American government's word is not trustworthy, the world and our allies in NATO and in Taiwan as well as the Middle East know this now. President Biden and his Administration are trying to create a new country "Forgottenstan". This so that the politicians who have been running our Nation off the rails with their policies will be able to retain positions of power in the next election.

Well Biden and his Administration and allies in the left wing press may accept Forgottenstan but those being hunted down every minute of the day and murdered when caught haven't forgotten, nor will the world. President Reagan warned us we are always only one generation away from losing our nation. We cry in the media about illegal immigrants being denied access and entry into America and these same voices turn their back on those in Afghanistan being murdered because we would not allow them into the airport at Kabul. We flew away while mothers scrambled to find a place to hide themselves and their children. This while the Democrats berate the Republicans for denying women in America their due rights.

It was clever to install Kamala Harris as vice President with Joe Biden as if he's removed from office who wants her to take over the reins? America has survived many tragedies but the tragedy of losing our ability to be trusted on the world stage may not be survivable. Our Pentagon is full of politicians dressed in military uniforms which makes them dangerous to our freedoms. This while our men and women on the line risk their lives. We hear of the 13 military personnel who were murdered by Biden's new friends the Taliban but the other 17 or so who must be terribly injured are forgotten. If the media wants to show in truth what the results of Biden and his Administration's escape from Afghanistan really are they should travel to Germany to the hospital and photograph what's left of our wounded soldiers. America shouldn't worry about these wounded as Tunnel to Towers will do the job the VA doesn't. President Biden shouldn't worry about the Americans or our allies he abandoned in Afghanistan as our veterans and some NGO's are risking their lives and livelihood to try and get them out of the gun sights of the Taliban.

America has been so willing to accept the lies of the politicians and their administrations that we think our allies around the world will accept it too. They won't and we will find ourselves alone and not trusted. Our word as a Nation is supposed to be a description of our actions and who can trust a liar? Who trusts us now and better yet who can blame them?

Shame on us, shame on America for our government's behavior. The calls to abandon our allies wasn't made by the Lt. Colonels and below, that call came from Washington to include the Pentagon. There must be some people left in the Pentagon with integrity who will stand up and tell the truth. I hope so for the sake of our Nation and the world.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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