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American citizens have learned this week that the President and his administration have decided that it is within their power to notify Facebook (and probably others) of what is acceptable for Americans to speak of. This dictate was supposedly regarding the recent COVID 19 virus although one must consider that there have been other topics that President Biden and his administration have declared unacceptable for the Citizenry to converse on. We know that any discussions regarding the abnormal activities surrounding the last election have been ruled as off limits in the public forums.

Ironically the very first Amendment to our just formed Constitution was added to protect the rights of the Citizens to free speech. This Amendment did not protect the rights of the government to permit only the forms of speech they found acceptable.

The first casualty of tyranny is that of freedom of expression and it matters not what force the government uses to deny this God given right to the populous, just that it does and acts as if it is within their authority. History has proven that to deny freedom of speech and thereby the freedom of expression is always finally contained by governments with force. It seems that our government has forgotten that it was put in place to serve the people not as the people's ruler. America has already rid itself of a king and it has no desire to return to a nation of subjects that fall victim to whatever whim the ruler or rulers desire.

During the War of Independence there were those who were "loyal" to the king, they had no problem with having a ruler and there are those, as it has become obvious in America, who still are of that mindset. Our Nation's history shows us that those of that mentality lost the War of Independence and freedom was born at that victory. Of course it wasn't perfect but our Nation worked at it and fought to correct it's shortcomings. New Hampshire's General John Stark, the hero of Bennington, warned President Madison that there were those within our government who wished to return us to the status of English subjects. The desires of some to rule the Citizens of America by force and intimidation is not new nor has it disappeared. Now we see this desire revealed by those who would censor our writings, our conversation and thus strip us of our freedoms. It is up to us as Americans whose freedoms have been purchased with the blood of those who came before us not to submit to becoming subjects of any person or government. We are not taxpayers we are Citizens and as Citizens this country is our home and we must preserve it for our posterity.

The country that we are told is so evil and whose flag is not worth our respect defended those who were under the thumbs of tyrants around the world. It makes sense that those who take the oath to serve in our government or in America's military that we swear to defend our Constitution not a person or an office held by a politician. When that oath was written it was known that there would be enemies of our Constitution "both foreign and domestic" and so those words were added to the oath of service. It seems as though to keep our oath and defend our Constitution and thus our Nation it is too risky or too much trouble. It may be time for some to visit Arlington Cemetery to see those who gave their all for us and our Constitution and their posterity.

Stand fast, be of good courage and do your duty as Americans who love their country.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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