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Biden's Saigon


As I watched the helicopters flying from our Embassy in Kabul to the airport trying to evacuate the personnel before the Taliban makes it impossible it reminded me of Saigon in 1975. In 1975 I was at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base and the refugees (Vietnamese refugees) that escaped Saigon were brought to what was at that time called "tent city" on Pendleton. Biden and his camp certainly don't want what is happening in Kabul to be known as "Biden's Saigon" but it will and it is.

There are reports that about 80,000 Afghani's that supported America are trying to get out through the Kabul airport. The Taliban has in reality taken Kabul and is withholding attacking the airport for reasons of their own. Those Afghani's that supported us and are left will most likely be beheaded by the Taliban. The prisons holding Taliban and Al Qaeda warriors have been emptied. The military hardware to include Blackhawk helicopters, jets, drones, Humvees, MRAPS, howitzers, small arms and munitions are huge. Now the Taliban has captured it all. One must question why we hadn't set demolition charges on much of these and destroyed them rather than hand them over to the Taliban. One reporter in Iran was truthful when he reported that he knew that the Taliban would be in Kabul three months ago and was told this by some of our military and intelligence people in Afghanistan. He stated is wasn't a surprise to our government as they knew it was coming. We are fed a continual stream of lies out of the White House and the Capital as well as the Pentagon. It was obvious the minute we got close to leaving like when Biden pulled our people out of the Bagram airbase overnight that the Taliban would really start their offensive and they did. The sad thing is the loss of life that is going to occur once the Taliban decide to start purging the country of American sympathizers. We've seen the soccer field in Kabul years ago filled with dead bodies by the Taliban.

In my opinion we never should have entered Afghanistan with troops, our attacks should have been by air and then we should have left. Since we did enter the country we should have made it a short stay but we didn't and now those who supported us are going to pay the price while we leave them just as we did those allies in Saigon in 1975.

We'll somewhat forget about them while we barbeque or watch senseless debates between our politicians but those being hunted down, raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered won't be so lucky. This mess wasn't all of Biden's making but our military industrial complex to include generals and intelligence agencies are responsible in large part and now they declare they didn't see this coming and at a minimum not this quickly. They should be fired.

Biden's on vacation at Camp David and in reality hiding from having to come out in public until it's over in Kabul. We've had one President in 40 years that understood what was happening and that we needed to get out of this mess but not to abandon our allies. With the immediate capturing of most Afghan cities that saved the politicians and this administration having to find a place to keep the refugees. The refugees are in most cases without proper documentation from our embassy to be allowed to leave. This while bullets fly. They should have gone to Mexico and Biden would have hurried them into America.

Sad and inexcusable,

Semper Fi, Jerry

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