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It is well past time for the churches in America to stand up and decide who they serve. The churches have been selectively denied their ability to gather and worship. It matters not what the excuse or reason for this denial is but it is not within the scope of any governmental authority to do so whether local or federal. This is more than a Constitutional issue but one of faith. We are told in the book of Joshua to "choose this day whom you serve" and it is well beyond the time for the church to do just that unless sadly, they have already made the choice to serve "man" rather that God.

The condition of America now has become a clear picture of the failure of many of America's churches. The churches that have become nothing more that surrogates for immoral behavior and the abandonment of faith in God. Churches that support every cause that the godless support and many of which the Scriptures call out as an abomination. Who is it they are serving we might ask? When Eve was in the Garden of Eden Satan told her if she rebelled against the instructions given by God (Elohim) that she would not die. If we look at the Spiritual message there it aligns with the message of today's churches in many ways. From the pulpits we are told "you can't stop sinning" but you are saved. Another way of putting it is the way Satan did to Eve, "if you rebel against God you will not die". Simply a lie from the "father of lies", Satan himself. We just are now given permission by the church to "pick our sin". Would you use a parachute that had on it's guarantee that it won't open? Is this the message from our churches to those seeking salvation? We are told we're not saved by our works but the rest of the story is our works are a sign of our faith. Do we recall the fig tree that did not produce fruit and Jesus (Yehoshua) himself caused it to die for it's lack of bearing fruit?

My point is that the churches have been as unfaithful as the church was when they denied the Christ (Messiah) when He ministered the truth to them. With the riots and looting why is it that the churches, which are supposed to be the body of Christ, have not joined together and gathered into our streets arm in arm and stood peacefully against the violence? Are we afraid we'll be called out for not "social distancing". Do we recall Jesus (Yehoshua) touching the leper to heal him? Have we forgotten Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as well as Daniel? Who is it we are serving? Do we look in the mirror and forget who we see when we walk away? Where are the Shepherds? Do we sit back and only allow or tolerate evil to have voice in our Nation? Shame on those who refuse to stand up and do what is good. We hear a few voices from some churches but not many. The world is watching how those who proclaim to be faithful to God behave not to mention God Himself and the heavenly host. What kind of fruit are we bearing? It is either good or evil there are only two choices.

Take the lamp out from under the bed and raise it up so that all may see the light of salvation, especially in such dark times. Glorify God and do the work, the profession of our faith and fear not.

Semper Fi, (another "ambassador in chains"), Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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