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Communist Revolution

From Jerry DeLemus


The revolution that is finally revealing itself in our nation has been at work for several decades. The goal was to keep it from being exposed until it's foundation was in place. The foundation it needed to construct was with a few generations of our young citizens being taught that America is bad and needs to be "fundamentally changed" and this was done mainly through our education systems. There is quickly coming into place another generation of those who are ignorant regarding our founding and the documents that were used to establish us as a Republic. The need to teach our children a culture that is counter to our Republican form of government was essential and also to remove the moral boundaries that our Judeo-Christian culture would have us operate within.

We have been shamed into tolerating abominable behavior and a form of selfishness disguised as generosity that has not been rivaled in history. We are fed so many false arguments and issues that we fail to see the big picture as we are overwhelmed with social discord and public shaming. It has now become acceptable for citizens to break our laws and then beat, choke, shoot and assault our law enforcement in the name of tolerance. We watch police cars and buildings burn while bands of Anarchists claim they are fighting for social justice. At the same time they loot the local businesses and set them on fire. The demands are "defund the police" and "Black Lives Matter" while Molotov cocktails are thrown. If these social justice warriors are told that "All Lives Matter" those who dare utter that truth are assaulted and verbally or physically attacked and at times shot, in the name of tolerance and social justice.

Where are the Sheriffs and Government Officials that promise happy days if we elect them? These Officials are either taking a knee with the Anarchists, helping them paint their racist titles on our streets, or blaming law enforcement. This while the Police are being assailed on every front and are not even allowed to defend themselves while eggs, bricks, frozen water bottles or worse are thrown at them.

So here is a question, where are the Citizens who do not support this anarchy? There is the couple who stood outside their home in a private community when the BLM and ANTIFA Anarchists arrived after breaking through the security gates and then had their lives and property threatened. The District Attorney's response was to investigate the couple for standing in front of their home, in their yard, with firearms doing what the police were not allowed to do. The couple's firearms have been seized and the couple may face charges. Now that's what we elect our government to do. This all happened after the couple called the police for help but the police weren't allowed to respond.

John Locke gave us a wonderful bit of wisdom when he wrote,

"The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage".

Where are those with courage?, we might ask, look in the mirror and then ask that question of yourself. Since when is it the "States'" responsibility to aid the lawless Anarchists who are destroying the fabric of our society and our nation?

Karl Marx and Lennon knew how to accomplish the overthrow of a free society and I'm not sure we as citizens know how, or are even willing, to defend our way of life. We should be standing alongside our law enforcement when they are under attack not just recording it for facebook.

I watched a police officer being attacked by a black man who had thrown the officer to the ground after putting him in a headlock. This on a city street while others watched, cheering for the attacker while recording the event. Not one person came to the aid of this police officer, shame on them and shame on us. I'm not saying the police are perfect as they are not but they are not all evil either. What is happening in America is revealing the inner corruption of us as a nation and we need to regain our senses and put a stop to the madness. Would you allow someone to beat your wife or children while you watched? We are called to be more than spectators in life. The Scriptures tell us not to be only "hearers of the Word but doers of the Word". We should have the moral compass that guides us when to stand.

Semper Fi,


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