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Do we see God's hand?



Jesus (Yeshua) told the Pharisees and Scribes they could tell the times (seasons) of the earth but not the times of heaven. They were living in the time of the Image of God (Elohim) as His Son walked the earth and gave testimony, calling Israel and their Church to repentance. Rather than be obedient they accelerated their sinful behavior and rebellion against God (Elohim) and ended up as the parable Jesus (Yeshua) told them, about the landowner's son being murdered so the renters could take over what was not theirs.

Do we see any similarities in our world today to the times of Noah, Jesus (Yeshua) or the prophets? Can the people who claim to be the "children of God" see at all? If we just look at the churches in America over the last couple of years we can see much of how the supposed "body of Christ" has behaved. It wasn't long ago when homosexual priests became accepted in many denominations under the lie of tolerance. We've since seen homosexual priests elevated to become Bishops. Did we forget that the Scriptures told the light not to have anything to do with the dark? Do we even understand the Word at all? Do we seek man's approval and praise above the approval of our Father's in heaven? We just heard the Pope come out in support of civil unions for homosexuals. "What Would Jesus Do" was a call from the churches and it is a good question to ask now. Who did Jesus (Yeshua) ever tell that it was alright to continue practicing sin?

In an age where we take the definitions of words and change them to our liking it is no wonder the church and man are lost and confused. Do we recall God's (Elohim's) sign of His covenant after He flooded the world because of it's evil practices? It was the rainbow, you know, the new hijacked symbol for homosexuality and the rest of those caught up in lust. Do we ever ponder what our Father thinks when He and the Heavenly Host look down on us from heaven? Now in America it is legal for same sex marriages and our seat of government was lit up with the new "rainbow standard" celebrating their sin. In the name of tolerance we accepted it.

Now we have COVID 19 the new pandemic, or plague, that has taken many lives and been the main vehicle that our governments have used to close our churches and keep us home, not able to exercise our freedom of religion or even provide a living for ourselves and our families. Do we recall what Daniel did in Babylon? Our Nation has been supporting abortion and all manner of sinful behavior and in fact celebrating it and we wonder, how could this "plague" do such damage to us and why? How about we think on Egypt? What was the motivation for the plagues that hit Egypt when Israel was being held captive? It was so that they would be set free from their captivity. It also caused Israel to wake up to their condition.

Maybe it's time for those who claim the title of "Christian" to wake up and escape their captivity. Israel was always taken into spiritual captivity first and then by their sinful and lawless behavior they were taken into physical captivity. Check it out in the Scriptures. We think we are different and God (Elohim) has changed and is now tolerant of sinful behavior? Woe to us and this is why there are so many warnings in the Scriptures (both parts) about falling from the faith into sin which leads to captivity. We see now how fallen the Pope is and his self righteous mandates that sin should be not only tolerated but cared for and helped to continue. The Scripture in Revelations says "Come out of her my people" and we should note that Elohim (God) is having His angel call out "His people". Where are Elohim's people that they need to come out of? The false churches that is where, churches that are of the world and in the world and behaving lawlessly towards our Father's Commandments.

It's a personal choice to be obedient or disobedient and the choice will have it's reward no matter how we choose. As for me and my house we will serve The LORD (YeHoVaH God). We can't say we weren't warned.

Semper Fi, (another "ambassador in chains')

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