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Federal Govt and Pleas


DeLemus recalls his similar position of strong armed coersion by DOJ
Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett

Greg Jarrett's book "Witch Hunt" lays out the Clinton's, FBI's, DOJ's, Propagandist Media's, Mueller's and the CIA's siege on then candidate Trump and any of his allies as well as later, President Trump.

On page 352 of Jarrett's book he tells some of the story as to how the FBI and Mueller teamed up to get Lt. General Flynn to accept a plea agreement accepting guilt for crimes he did not commit. I'll quote:

"The second scope memo, dated October 20, 2017, expanded the targets to include Flynn's son Michael G. Flynn, and established the authority to pursue 'jointly undertaken activity.' Though his name was redacted, it was easy to identify in context."

"Perhaps up to that point Flynn had fought off Mueller's bullies. But when they trained their 'lawfare' weapons on his son, who had a four month old child, the General faced an escalating danger that threatened not only him and his wife, their home and life savings, but his entire family."

end quote.

I recall my similar position while being held for a number of trumped up charges by the DOJ while the known liar Attorney General Eric Holder, put the criminal "Fast and Furious" plan into action. I had charges that totaled about 130 years in prison if convicted as well as around 30 million dollars in fines. I was denied even the offer of bail and taken across the country by "Conair" and held most of the time in isolation. My phone calls even to my attorney were monitored and I was told it would be about 2 years before I got to my actual trial. The judge, an Obama and Harry Reid appointee, was obviously biased against all in the "Bundy" case. Mind you I had never said a threatening word against or to any law enforcement officers, local or federal.

The judge ordered the Prosecution to release the evidence to us within 2 weeks of one of our earliest hearings; I never did receive it all and none of it was received by me or my attorney for many months after the court order.

In a phone call to my wife I was told that the FBI had threatened my best friend with indictment and they planned on shipping him to Nevada in September of 2016. The threat was delivered near the middle or end of August 2016 by the FBI. After my wife was given this information by my friend she told me on the phone while I was at the Pahrump Federal Detention Facility in Nevada. My friend happened to be suffering cancer and he told my wife that "he could die if held in federal custody due to his cancer and probability of lack of proper dietary and medical) needs". My wife told me this on the "monitored" phone call (all phone calls are monitored). Within a day my Attorney (aka: the Lieutenant Prosecutor) showed up unexpectedly and presented me with a plea agreement written by the Prosecution. I told him that he and they are asking me to commit perjury if I signed it. I asked my Attorney if I signed the agreement if the Feds' would leave my friends and family alone, he NODDED in the affirmative. I understood the message and later, after I removed some false accusations about others in the case, I signed it hoping that the Feds would keep their word on not indicting my friend. That much they did do.

I am saying this in light of what happened to General Flynn... to share how our Department of Justice works, to include the FBI. We are getting a good look at their operations and flagrant abandonment of the laws they are sworn and hired to defend and enforce. It is not the way they really work and it is most disheartening. Anyone can become their target and honesty, justice and truth are not a concern to them. Sure there are good agents but I just don't know where they are and I am sure General Flynn and President Trump are wondering as well.

I've spent nearly 5 years in prison for crimes I never committed and never thought of committing. No one is safe when the Lawless are in charge of our system of justice. Don't think that General Flynn did anything wrong, he merely did what any father would do for his children and he "took the bullet". At least he has friends in high places that may yet clear his name but we are not all so fortunate.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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