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Flynn Lied?

From Jerry DeLemus

Flynn Lied

There is an arguement being posed by the left that Lt. General Flynn admitted in his "plea agreement" that he lied to the FBI. For those that have never been in that position let me shed some light on what truly happens during a prosecution by our FBI and Department of Justice. I will use my own actual personal experience to highlight the issue.

I was charged with about 16 counts on an indictment and not a single charge on the indictment was true. The case taken to the Grand Jury was presented falsely even stating I was in Nevada when I wasn't even in the state. This was the foundational issue in my case. The prosecution, after my arrest and several months imprisoned after being denied bail, had my case declared "complex". Complex cases in the courts means that the prosecution can take as long as they want to get the trial going and in my case I was told it would be 2 years. Now keep in mind I was to sit imprisoned for 2 years before I even was tried to determine guilt or innocent. How does this sound for "innocent until PROVEN guilty". I was incarcerated with hundreds of men that were imprisoned for murder, sex offenses against women and children, drug dealers, theft and all manner of crimes. I was strip searched numerous times and as of this date hundreds if not a thousand times. I was shackled at my feet and my hands were handcuffed to a chain that was padlocked around my waste in transportation across our country and any time I was taken to court. It is my goal to show you in some way what it is like to be innocent until proven guilty in America.

The threat of the indictment (charges) are normally embellished by the US Attorney so that they have some room to drop some charges when offering the accused (innocent until proven guilty) a plea agreement. In my case I had spent nearly a year imprisoned on the other side of the country from my home. The prosecution offers a plea agreement after the accused is worn down and has lost faith in justice being served by the judge and the courts. An example of that is my judge ordered the prosecution to release their "evidence" to me and my attorney within 2 weeks. The prosecution ignored the judge's order and trickled "some" of the evidence they had months later while I sat in prison.

The reality is they NEVER released the information that aided in my defense and that only happened years later when Bureau of Land Management Lead Investigator Wooten (whistleblower) sent a letter to the court and the Attorney General telling of the illegal behavior of the prosecutor, FBI and BLM.

While I sat in prison for months denied the evidence I needed to prove my innocence, the US Attorney sent me a plea agreement by my attorney and it had only 2 of the original 16 counts of the indictment on it. If I signed the agreement I would be sentenced to 72 months in prison rather than the 130 years if convicted of all counts. Knowing I was innocent but without the proof I needed, I refused until the FBI in New Hampshire threatened my best friend with indictment. My friend had cancer and would die in the conditions I was currently living in as his cancer would not have been cared for and that I was sure of, as was my friend. My friend disclosed the FBI's threat to him and he told my wife "I'll die in prison due to my cancer if they take me to Nevada". The FBI gave a date to take him to Nevada in the first part of September and it being August at the time I decided I could not let my friend die in prison so I signed the plea agreement.

I told my attorney at the time that he, the US Attorney and the judge were asking me to commit perjury and to lie as the US Attorney and my attorney knew I was innocent of the charges. I was taken to court for a "change of plea" hearing where I was to change my plea to guilty. I had talked this over with my wife beforehand. I asked the judge "if I sign this plea agreement knowing that the information on it is not true am I committing perjury?". Her answer to me was, "If it's raining outside and you come inside and it stops raining and someone asks you if it's raining and you say yes you're not necessarily lying." Well thats how it went.

Now I did lie and by doing so I've spent 4 years in prison and lost God knows how much money and I have 2 years to go. So if you are one of the "know it alls" that thinks Lt. General Flynn shouldn't have lied to protect his son from the same unbridled and illegal and unjust treatment of our DOJ I have nothing but pity for you. Your ignorance is monumental and your unfaithfulness is immeasurable.

As for Lt. General Flynn I know exactly how he felt and why he "took the bullet" for his son and probably others and it was certainly the honorable thing to do. He was the only honorable person in that court on that day as the judge, the prosecutor and the rest weren't.

Semper Fi,


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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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