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Freedom Is Not Free

From Jerry DeLemus 4/20/20

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Amendment I to the the Constitution of the United States.

So what does your state constitution say regarding this? Do you know? You should. These words were written with the blood of patriots and added to the Constitution for times such as these. Times when our governments, local, state or federal thought it within their power under any conditions to take these inalienable rights from the people they work for. When else would the government try to take these rights from the American people other than some condition that fit their desire? Interestingly China is using this time to imprison pro-freedom supporters in Hong Kong under the cover of this pandemic. "Never let an emergency go to waste" the words out of the Obama administration, America beware.

It has been decided by our elected leaders that Americans do not have the common sense or intelligence to handle themselves in a responsible way when the flu hits us. I can understand that maybe New York doesn't have the wisdom to behave, as they elected a man that outlaws plastic straws and 20 ounce sodas. We as Americans have become so accustomed to our government ruling us from on high, confiscating more and more control from the people and ruling rather than serving. We'd best wake up or we will not return from this pandemic with the same freedoms that we entered it with. We must find our voice as a free people of our American Republic or the real victim of this pandemic will be our freedom.

When I traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014 due to Bureau of Land Management and FBI snipers aiming at the children and grandchildren of Cliven Bundy without even a warrant for anyone's arrest, I learned much. There were signs posted denying the citizens in the area of gathering to speak about what was transpiring in our nation and specifically in Bunkerville, Nevada. The government had taken orange snow fencing and made small corralled areas in far out locations and marked them as "Free Speech Zones". Imagine that! This is the authority and power that our own government thinks it can wield over a supposedly free people. Maybe we should reread the First Amendment at the beginning of this writing. When our government designates what is an "essential" business, what is it that they really are doing? The answer is, 'taking our freedoms away' and our founding fathers warned us of this type of governmental behavior. Fortunately we have Donald Trump as our President and he is pushing the authority to handle the individual or sovereign states back to their Governors and Legislatures. This is in line with the 10th Amendment to our Constitution.

Now how are our state and local governments doing this? We should investigate and if they are stepping outside of the state's constitution they should be brought back in line with it. Period. Calling on us as citizens to voluntarily modify our behavior is one thing but arresting us and violating the constitutions they took an oath to defend is quite another.

The government has panicked and is now increasing our future tax burdens to pay for the seizure of our rights and the damage to our way of life, to include what remains of our private businesses. We must be careful that our businesses don't end up being nationalized as an outcome of the government's panic fed to us by the media.

We must be cautious, our freedoms are in danger of extinction. The Second Amendment has been targeted when we are not allowed to buy firearms because of a virus. What part of "shall not be infringed" do those who make up our government not understand? Be careful America. What is being included in the "free money" or "grants" that Congress is pushing through to now make America's citizens wards of the state? How cheap are we selling our freedoms? Do we recall the emergency to pass the "Patriot Act" and how little we knew about what it contained? That Act has been used trying to overthrow our President and his administration. Not to mention our freedoms have been damaged by that panic to "keep us safe".

Freedom isn't free and the power of this nation resides in 'We The People' and we had best not relinquish our authority to those in our federal or state governments. Who can believe they really are trustworthy and have our best interests in mind? How has their track record been when they can't even protect us from invasions of illegal aliens or they decide that those who enter our nation illegally have the same, if not more rights than the citizens of America? We have many lawless individuals in our government and they are easy to see if we would just open our eyes and use the sense God gave us.

Toughen up America and find your voice. If we allow our freedoms to be stripped more than they have already, even the ability to go to church, what is next?

"Live free or die, DEATH IS NOT THE WORST OF EVILS" General John Stark NH Semper Fi, Jerry

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