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My foreword: This was written before Romney announced that he is going to vote on a new Supreme Court Justice appointment. (Not that it changes our minds about Romney)

Now Americans get a good look at those they have elected or would elect with the passing of Justice Ginsburg. The "never Trumpers" will show what party they do support as well as where they stand on the crucial issues. Romney, Collins and Murkowski will be the main, so called, Republicans to watch. The most likely of the three to support a constitutional Supreme Court Justice out of the 3 is Collins of Maine. (Romney's decision is a surprise) This is a time for those elected by Republicans to do their job and if they do not it is time to replace them. (Personally I still believe Romney needs to be voted out. SD)

We've heard that politics shouldn't be a part of this decision or even call a vote for a new Justice. So what would these voices have a group of politicians do? Politics play into every decision the career politicians in Washington do. Romney being the worst of the Senators who likens himself to being the new McCain. This is why Romney is so untrustworthy. He has moved to 3 different States to seek a different political office in each new place of residency.

Pressure must be applied by Republicans on these Senators to uphold the Constitution and to do the job they were elected to do. Replacing Ginsburg is one of the most lasting and important votes they will cast in their entire career(s).

Ginsburg is being hailed for her accomplishments by Democrats and Republicans. One wonders how God will view her accomplishments in aiding those who would kill the unborn in the wombs of their mothers. Ginsburg may have been a pleasant person in private but on the bench her positions in crucial cases caused millions of innocent lives to be destroyed. President Trump has been very clear he will only nominate pro-life Judges and he has done so with the two Justices he nominated to the SCOTUS.

Those who would not support his Constitutional RESPONSIBILITY (emphasis added) to nominate a new Justice are not to be trusted regardless of how "tolerant" they attempt to present themselves. This is politics and exactly the reason we elect those we elect. Would Romney or the others rather have Biden nominate a new Justice if, heaven forbid, he was elected? (Apparently prayers have been answered and for some reason Romney has had a change of heart. SD) That is the simple question and if they oppose the President the answer is obvious. This is why it is imperative to select a new Justice and to re-elect President Trump.

The talking heads warn of more violence from the left if President Trump and the Senate move ahead with replacing Ginsburg. This position is bowing to the extortion of radical Leftists and should play no part in this. If the Left decides to push more violence than they have already then arrest them. It is painfully obvious that when the Left doesn't think they can accomplish their goals politically they turn to violence. That is absolutely not acceptable and should not be tolerated and if its a fight they want that will be their choice. The response will be ours and those who support the rule of law.

This is no coincidence that the Left's radical Justice Ginsburg passed and has given opportunity for the President to add one more Constitutional Justice to the SCOTUS, especially at this time. America is in a position where it will choose the shape of our Nation and the choices could not be more clear. We are being given the opportunity many of us have prayed for, voted for, spent our time and treasure fighting for and now let us not falter as the stakes are most high and the future of our Nation depends on our works.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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