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God, Bless America.

From Jerry DeLemus 10/25/19

It certainly looks like fall with the trees all turning and the chill in the air. I listen to either Hannity or Howie for a bit usually in the afternoon when I return from work. I can only handle so much of it as the constant complaints of a lawless government wear on me when it seems that nothing is done about the situation. We've heard about the I.G. report on the FISA warrants was supposed to have been released over a week ago and still nothing. We hear about the investigation going on about Hillary Clinton as well as those involved in dealing with Russia and the Ukraine to try and sway our 2016 election and then overturn the presidency, still nothing. No wonder I'm still sitting in prison as there really is no justice within our government and they don't even seek after it.

I heard a woman interviewed whose son a sergeant in an Arizona police department and was killed by a stoned and drunk illegal alien driving the wrong way on the highway in excess of 100 mph. The woman organized a group called "Angel Moms" for mothers of children killed by illegal aliens and she testified before the U.S. Senate. This woman I believe is of Mexican decent and she really took it to the Congress for allowing illegal's to not be prosecuted but rather protected in sanctuary cities. I think of her distress as she witnesses the lawless actions of those elected to uphold our Constitution and yet they blatantly vote against it.

I heard that a Georgetown University poll reported that 70% of those polled believe our nation will see a revolution. They may be late on their estimate as a revolution is already well underway to topple our republic. We see the media aligned with the leftists in business and within our own government both state and federal to undermine our republican form of government and the founding principles of our Constitution. The DOJ has been turned into a secret police for the left and with them the CIA and the myriad of agencies and departments within our federal government. We received a taste of it when former President Obama unleashed the IRS and other agencies on conservatives in America. We are well aware of the actions of the Bureau of Land Management and how the U.S. Attorneys as well as the FBI targeted conservatives. We now can see what was really going on when we get a view of most of our federal judges rulings against common sense and legal actions the President tries to put into action. I've heard some conservatives in the news claim we have a two tier justice system. I would argue if that is the case we do not have a justice system at all but rather a lawless or tyrannical system controlled by those who are doing their utmost to destroy our nation. Its ironic that the Clintons and Obama along with their socialist/communist friends in congress would accuse the conservatives of being a danger to our nation when they themselves were and have been doing their best to destroy our nation.

I keep President Trump in prayer to have success in defeating what has been deemed "the deep state". It is a mighty task and we will lose our nation and our freedom if he is not successful. We'll see if the U.S. Senate does it's job and stands for our republic and the Constitution. I am certainly concerned.

Semper fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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