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Gun Control

7/8/21 One might wonder why gun violence is so prevalent in cities controlled by Democrats and in fact cities that have strict gun control laws in place. Another thought is why were those cities controlled by Democrats who support big Government and Central Government control, opposed to then President Trump's offer to send in federal law enforcement or the National Guard to try and stop the gun violence in those cities. The answer isn't that it was only because it was President Trump's offer the answer is deeper than that.

Democrats as a party are truly nearing becoming a truly Marxist party. They now tout Socialism as a goal of their party. The reality is, gun violence is permitted in these cities as it provides a reason to demand gun control on a national level. They allow the problem to manifest and then provide the solution, which happens to be their original goal to begin with, gun control and confiscation. It is worth noting that when gun violence statistics are quoted they are not broken down by lawful shootings such as by police or lawful defense by private citizens. The statistics on how many shootings are in cities such as Chicago by gang members aren't separated either. The goal is to make it appear that nationally Americans are being shot and the problem is that Americans own firearms. Interestingly Joe Biden is proposing going after what the left deems to be "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines. The weapons of choice of criminals in the majority of their shootings are handguns not rifles such as the AR 15.

America is being played by the left again on the issue of gun violence and this is happening with the help of the media. We'll see if Americans are smart enough to see the truth.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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