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"I have been curious..."

From: DELEMUS, GERALD July 17, 2019

"I have been curious as to why the court in Nevada has not responded to the motions by those defendants that suffered the same injustice as the defendants that had their cases declared a mistrial with prejudice. The 19 men charged in the case suffered the same injustice by the U.S. Attorney and his staff, the FBI and the BLM that was the basis for declaring the mistrials with prejudice. The evidence concealed and the lies by the U.S. Attorney denied all 19 men a fair chance at proving their innocence. In some twisted judicial nonsense the courts have provided themselves a way to deny justice to the very people they swore to provide it to.

We have heard of the corrupted behavior of many in the top echelons of the FBI trying to overthrow our last presidential election. There were two more cases just dropped in Las Vegas Nevada because of the FBI agents corrupted behavior to the point that they spent tens of thousands of dollars partying and at brothels for sex, and the brothel employed underage girls as prostitutes. These agents ran a sting later for a friend who was a jilted Federal Prosecutor to entrap his competition. Neither of the agents involved were charged. How can this be? I think of the oath I took as an 18 year old Marine so many years ago and how important those words were, important enough to be a requirement to be a U.S. Marine. Our public servants to include those in the FBI, DOJ and every other agency must also take that same oath. Was I mistaken holding that oath in the highest of regard?

I am curious if those men and women in the FBI and the DOJ have considered stepping forward to tell the truth on what has been occurring in these agencies? What about integrity? When they allow criminal behavior such as imprisoning citizens while denying their rights are possibly even knowing they are innocent how do they justify such behavior? Who has become the enemy of our Constitution and their oath to uphold and defend it? I am absolutely sure there are good agents in these agencies but they must come forward and remember their oath. There is another judgment coming at some time and that judge knows the entire truth and the intentions of our hearts. Justification for doing wrong won't wash in this judgment. What if those falsely imprisoned were your friends or family members?

Bureau of Land Management Special Investigator Wooten is one of these agents with integrity. Mr. Wooten came forth and told the truth as to what the BLM, FBI, DOJ and U.S. Attorneys office was concealing and doing their best to deny justice to 19 men, a number of which are veterans. Mr. Wooten doesn't have to feel ashamed of his behavior as he did what was right, what he took an oath to do and may God bless him for it. I urge all of you in the government to uphold your oath, it's the only one you were required by law to take. Take your chances and come forward the American people are a forgiving people and courage and integrity are admired by us. There is a saying on our memorial in Washington DC, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue"."

Semper FI,


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