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"It's All Good Church"

From Jerry DeLemus in answer to a friend's post April 6, 2020:

Man fears man, man doesn't fear God. In Genesis chapter 2:1-3 we are told the first of the Commandments that God delivered to man. God made the seventh day Holy and He sanctified it. The only reason we have seven days and not only six is because God made the seventh day and He named it the Sabbath the only day of the week He bothered to name. Later we know God added 9 more Commandments after the fall of Adam and Eve, the Sabbath was established before sin invaded our world and man's heart. Now man doesn't keep the Sabbath God created and most don't even realize when it is, God does. Satan's goal is to get man to sin so he can break the relationship with God and add those that sin to his army of revolutionaries. This is why we are told "we sin against God". The woman in Revelation riding on the back of the beast (whose power comes from satan) holding her cup of abominations is the church that rides on the power of government. One day the government will tire of any remnant of things connected to God and the beast will turn on the church, especially anyone left who is faithful. If we read Revelation Chapt 12:1-17 we get a very general idea of what has and will transpire. The last verse 17 states "And the dragon (satan) was wroth with the woman (church), and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ". The last of the obedient to God, who keep God's Commandments (all 10) and walk like Yeshua (Jesus) are the remnant. They are the enemy of Satan as they follow God's instructions and are not rebelling against God. Remember Satan is the leader of the rebellion against God's authority and he wants us to follow him in sin. We heard of the Pastor in Florida with 6 charges against him for holding a church service. The beast doesn't like rebellion against it but rebellion against God is acceptable and preferred. I urge all to read the warning God gave Yeshua (Jesus) who gave it eventually to John in Revelation 3:14-22 this is the "it's all good church". The "it's all good church" of today is in rebellion against God and it shows this by the fruit it bears in our world. This makes us ripe for destruction. What is the "all good church", well you may be attending one if their teachings go against what the Scriptures tell us. Are you told to be tolerant of everyone's opinion and belief? Are you told that once saved always saved and there is no way to lose your salvation? Are you told you can practice sin and are still acceptable to God? Are you told you cannot judge others? Are you told that the law of God is no more? Are you told that you should always obey your government? Now here is some clarification on these questions. God as told to us by Yeshua (Jesus) and the apostles is not tolerant of sin and in no place in the Scriptures are we told we are to continue in sin and that sin is acceptable by God. We are not told to be tolerant of behavior such as adultrey, homosexuality, theft, murder, bearing false witness, blasphemy etc at all in the Scriptures. The Scriptures are clear that we must walk like Yeshua (Jesus), blameless and without sinning. Yeshua has been our pardon for our past sinfullness and we are commanded to stop. When Yeshua (Jesus) addressed the adultress who was nearly stoned He told her "go and sin no more". He didn't say try to stop sinning in the future He said "sin no more". Do you think when Yeshua (Jesus) returns and, lets say, two men are having sex together claiming to be saved that Yeshua (Jesus) will call them to Him and say "well done"? Satan told Eve "surely you won't die" and he was a liar then and he remains a liar now. We must judge others behavior to be either good or evil, right or wrong. We don't decide who ends up being saved but we'd better be able to distinguish between sinful behavior and righteousness. Yeshua (Jesus) told us before we go to our brother because of the speck in his eye to first remove the beam from our eye "so then we can see clearly to help remove the speck from our brother's eye". He said get right first and then you can judge if your brother has a problem with sin and then help him out. Do we not have any discernment as to what God has told us? Read 1John, all of it, and see what the "disciple Jesus loved" has to say, read and see what Yeshua Himself says, read the Scriptures! Quit trusting man to tell you what you want to hear. If the "leaders" in the churches were teaching what God wants and requires do you think the world would be in the state it is? They are as Jesus said "hirelings" and we need men and women of God, faithful and true witnesses to His Word! part 2: Now is a good time to check to see if we are doing what God commanded; or do we not fear God and, unlike Daniel, ignore God's commands and obey man. I know what the "mark of the beast" is and it's not a bar code on your hand. That mark is as the Scriptures tell us on our right hand or on our forehead. This is not a physical mark but a mark showing our allegiance to Satan's will. The mark on our head is what we think and say and on our hand that we do what Satan desires us to do. Even one sin is doing Satan's will! Do you keep the Sabbath? Oh no not that dreaded day that God made on the seventh day of creation, that Constantine and man changed. Really? well you should study the Scriptures in the end of the gospels when Mary went to the tomb on the first day of the week and discovered Yeshua (Jesus) had risen. She waited until after the Sabbath to go to the tomb. You believe that Jesus rose on Sunday morning? Well put that against the Scriptures as to when the Sabbath is pointed out. Jesus was without sin how could he break the Sabbath, the 4th Commandment and be without sin? Impossible and this is only a small part of the story. We have been deceived and given over to strong delusion and now we love the lie and the truth is not in us. We wonder why we continue to sin; the reason is while we are breaking God's commandments we have never stopped sinning. Read the Scriptures and get on your knees and ask for discernment from God. Well there's a rant and I hope it drives you into the Scriptures and away from the false teachings of the "it's all good churches". Semper Fi, (another "ambassador in chains" Jerry

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