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Joe Biden's VP choice

7/31/20 We have heard many names bantered about as candidates for former Vice President Joe Biden's choice for his Vice President running mate. We aren't sure of much when it comes to Joe but he has stated one campaign goal clearly and that is his running mate will be a woman. This is important for Joe as he has some fences to mend regarding allegations of sexual misconduct.

There is a name that hasn't been included in Joe Biden's list of women as a running mate but he certainly doesn't have a stronger supporter than New Hampshire's former GOP Chairwoman, Jennifer Horn. Jennifer is a rabid "never Trumper", a member of the we hate Trump "Lincoln Project".

In the Union Leader's Wednesday July 22, 2020 Ms. Horn couldn't have repeated the Democrat talking points (or slanderous attacking points more accurately defined) than Hillary Clinton herself. New Hampshire Republicans made a terrible mistake in electing Ms. Horn a few years back as the NHGOP Chair, this after she stabbed her good friend, (or so he thought) NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball in the back. Ms. Horn aided in leveling "trumped" up false accusations to cause faithful Jack Kimball to resign. Jack Kimball, unlike Ms. Horn, did the honorable thing for the good of the party to try and avoid a split. The problem was Jack's integrity opened the door for Ms. Horn to seize power within the party. Ms. Horn, being the self righteous manipulator she is, saw the damage she helped inflict on her "friend" Jack Kimball as another opportunity to promote her never satisfied ego.

It seems Biden hasn't been paying attention to who could really do his campaign some good, although having Ms. Horn as his Vice President if he won the election, may put him in a position much like Julius Caesar found himself in, from which the term "back stabber" originated.

So the U.L. continues to give a large printed space on their editorial page to a Democrat who has been suffering an identity crisis not knowing she isn't a Republican. While the U.L. lets Ms. Horn spread her venomous self indulgent propaganda for the Democrats one must wonder why they allow Jennifer any space at all. Ms. Horn advocates, along with her pals in the Democrat front group for lost RINOS, their love for all things Democrats. Her imagination fills her writings with endless insults and attacks while accusing President Trump of those very types of behavior.

Ms. Horn, regardless of what she says, is supporting Joe Biden for president. Ms. Horn is supporting every far left fringe idea that the left poses. She must not be anti-abortion as Biden supports it. She must not support Constitutional SCOTUS judges as Trump has nominated just that to the outrage of Biden and other leftists. She must not support school vouchers as President Trump supports them. Ms. Horn must not support law and order as Biden has been silent for months on calling for the Democrat Mayors and Governors to stop the violence in their cities. She must support defunding the police as Biden and his pals support it. She must support our churches being closed while casinos are open and rioters burn their neighborhoods as Trump opposes it.

We know Ms. Horn is a globalist as her crowd thinks "Nationalism" is a bad thing. These globalists are the ones that crushed America's middle class with deals like NAFTA and GATT. I don't know a single person that served in the military that didn't do so for our nation. That is nationalism.

Jennifer Horn is the ever shifting sands that come from lacking integrity and serving only what they think helps them. Sad but true.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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