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Just Trust Washington


During the Vietnam war an anti-foliate known as "Agent Orange" was sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam to destroy the cover the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) or the Viet Cong used for cover while attacking our troops. Agent Orange caused cancer in many of those who came in contact with it either directly or even by traveling through areas that had been sprayed by our Government. The Government stalled and denied any responsibility until just recently for the death and cancer our troops suffered from "Agent Orange". The Government did not want to incur the financial cost for the medical treatments and for the loss of our military personnel's lives. They denied for decades the truth about Agent Orange.

During the first gulf war in the 90's our troops were given vaccines that they were told would protect them from any chemical or biological weapons Iraq's Government would release on them. These very vaccines have killed many of our service people and caused illnesses that have been denied by our Government for decades.

On September 11 in 2001 when our first responders showed up to fight the destruction in New York caused by the Islamic terrorists that brought down the Twin Towers they we were exposed to all manner of contaminants. Many of these first responders have died or have had their health destroyed due to this exposure. Again our Government denied for years as to the truth of what happened due to these Citizens' exposure.

Now comes a virus from China and unlike anything Americans have seen before they are being forced in a number of ways by our Government and the (Propagandist) Media to submit to a vaccine that has not even as of yet been approved by the FDA. We are told to "trust the Government" on this. Why would we trust them? We watch Washington lie to us daily on any number of issues and exceed their Constitutional authority without restraint from either party. The (Propagandist) Media, be it either the Mainstream Media or in many instances Fox News, repeats the talking points of our Government who have declared themselves to be our masters.

Trust is earned and when lost it is difficult to be regained. There is a debate regarding our last elections as to their legitimacy and it is mired in stonewalling rather than truth seeking. This causes division and a failure to trust anything the people hear from the (Propagandist) Media or the Government as being accurate.

We've heard from Democrats while President Trump was in office that they would not take the vaccine because they don't trust Trump. Even our current President and his Vice President stated this (not to mention the media). Now it seems they are gung ho to force, one way or the other, all Citizens to take the vaccine since they are in power. We've heard the same thing regarding masks, riots from BLM and ANTIFA and dealings with foreign Governments. All of this shatters the faith in our Government to provide honest answers and advice to the People so we shouldn't be surprised that there are many who don't trust the vaccines as safe. Not to mention that the natural immunities provided by our own bodies after having COVID 19 provide are not even discussed. No other virus in our nation's history has been dealt with like this one from China. We have destroyed many small businesses and the work ethic of many in our country yet our Government expects our trust.

The answer to this dilemma is not clear as telling the truth seems to escape the abilities of those who rule over us.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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