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The American public just learned that 26 government owned and provided phones to the Mueller team were wiped clean at the time the FBI's Page and Strzok's texts to each other sharing their goals to undo President Trump were made. These phone wipings are illegal and the maximum sentence carried is 20 years in prison.

How are Americans to trust our Department of Justice to include the FBI when these types of things are common place and allowed to continue without any prosecution? We have waited to see if Hillary Clinton and her gang, who took hammers to phones and computer hard drives as well as wiping them clean of information, would be prosecuted. If not, why not and in these cases one can see why groups such as Black Lives Matter grow legs with some sections of our society.

We wait for Durham's report or indictments to come as we close to within 50 days of our Presidential election. Will we then hear that they won't proceed with indictments or releasing of the information for fear they will interfere with the election? What if there were crimes committed by Biden and he wins the election? Then what, would it be in the interest of America and our rule of law to just keep quiet? Surely the answer is no, a resounding no!

Most do not believe, regardless of the evidence of law breaking people like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, that they will ever be prosecuted.

That should not be true in America and the left and media certainly have no room or standing to defend Biden or Clinton from prosecution. We have seen the Propaganda Media and the Leftists within the Democrat Party accuse President Trump and his allies daily of treason, lying, obstruction of justice, corruption, vote tampering, lying, perjury and more.

These same voices are remarkably silent when it is obvious that a Democrat needs to be questioned or even prosecuted for the very things they accuse President Trump of.

Justice in America is non existent and those in the DOJ who lie and frame citizens for crimes they didn't commit are never held accountable for their actions as the targets of their attacks suffer unbearable consequences and prison time.

These are the actions of what has become known as the 'Deep State' and it truly exists. We have proof in the very actions of the DOJ in their efforts to overthrow President Trump which is treason by definition. Yet we wait holding our breath to see if anyone will be prosecuted. So far one FBI attorney has been found guilty of changing an email to say the opposite of what the email stated so as to make someone look guilty. This FBI lawyer is one of the ones touted as the greatest law enforcement agency in the world, the keepers and defenders of justice and that 99% of the FBI agents are honest and hardworking. That is a lie and we can see that by their behavior and their protection of one another while they try to overthrow our President. If the opposite were true there would be thousands of FBI agents coming forward exposing the corruption within the agency and those behind it. It takes field agents to do the dirty work of those in charge or higher up that want to overthrow our President. Those agents are co-conspirators and the Department of Justice has filled our prisons with citizens charged and convicted on conspiracy charges. That is until it is "their" people, then nothing happens. Prosecutors lie to get convictions and they extort the accused in some cases without any regard for justice. Judges in many cases just side with the prosecution to aid in railroading innocent citizens.

In my case the Judge told any potential witnesses for the defense that they must have legal counsel because if they testified they may be charged as co-conspirators. Does anyone believe an attorney would then advise a witness for the defense to testify?

There was a movie with Walter Brennan and his name was Judge Roy Bean and he stated "We're going to have a fair trial and then we're going to hang you". This is the state of our DOJ in many cases today and it feeds the groups such as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) as they watch those criminals within our government never being charged for breaking America's laws.

It isn't that we don't have honest people in our government but they need to find the courage to voice what has been happening within our system of justice. Mr. Wooten, the Bureau of Land Management's lead investigator on the Cliven Bundy ranching case, is one such government employee whose integrity has kept several innocent citizens free from long federal sentences. There are however others in that case (of which I am one) who have spent time in prison that still await justice from a system that protects itself from critique.

I still believe in our nation and that justice is possible but it certainly isn't guaranteed.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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