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Late Arrival of Email


I suppose the content of my email referring to the lawful requirements of our Constitution and any Citizen's expectation and demand that it be upheld is a bit much for some. It's funny that those who are charged with upholding the Constitution in many instances treat those who believe in and support our Constitution are somehow a threat. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I recall reading history of Hitler and his rise to power and when his rule started to crumble and his Generals also began to question his leadership. His reaction was to kill anyone he thought to be opposition. He had pushed through laws that were nothing less than evil and tyrannical upon the people of his country and those countries he had conquered.

No one could look at the laws that Hitler enacted through his regime and call them just or "good for the citizenry". Yet these dictates became law and were enforced in any way that could destroy any who resisted. Most just caved in and obeyed what the madman put in place. I think of those Jews getting on the trains in the boxcars with their suitcases and their most precious possessions hidden on their person. This hiding was done in the hope that where they were taken they could use their valuables to either buy their freedom or at least make their imprisonment more bearable. For those who arrived at Auschwitz they had a most cruel awakening. Their suitcases were taken from them at the train station where they were being boarded and that bit of "security" was taken from them but not until they came willingly to the trains. What a sad and horrible condition they had allowed themselves to slip into.

The laws of Germany prior to Hitler gave protections to the Citizens and mass murdering of the Citizens, regardless of religion or ethnicity, was illegal. The German people had become dependent on their Government for everything due to hyper inflation and they willingly gave away their rights (or birthright) as human beings for a "bowl of stew".

In California they have what is called a "California stop". This is when a vehicle arrives at a stop sign they merely slow down and look for cross traffic and then "roll" through the stop without actually coming to a full stop. California law enforcement will cite anyone caught doing this for running the stop sign or "failure to yield". Law enforcement knows that if they allow this type of lawlessness to go unrestricted it will increase and then grow into a larger problem with dangerous results.

We have allowed our government to "California stop" for so long that they now don't even slow down to look they just blow through the stop signs i.e. our Constitution. The "reining in" of our Government must start with our State and Local Governments. This can only happen with involved and educated, not to mention motivated, Citizens. This doesn't require much other than time and our voices. It is amazing that one's voice can accomplish so much good or so much evil. We must decide if our 'Rule of Law' is worth our time to protect. History has given us many lessons as to what happens when the People become so lazy that they let their freedoms melt away. Let it not be so with us.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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