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How does a government headed by lawless leaders deal with society? Maybe the question should be "how does a society deal with lawless leaders?". This situation certainly poses a dilemma for Americans who desire to live a lawful life as our Constitution guarantees. This is a situation that people of all nations that are under tyranny have found themselves in have had to wrestle with. When one decides to argue their rights in courts that are headed by immoral and unjust people and the rulings that "come down" are in fact unjust and unconstitutional what options remain? The Declaration of Independence puts forth our Founder's recognition of these issues, here is part of what they recognized:

"...that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.".

What "forms" have Americans become so accustomed to? We hear in our elections that we need to vote for so and so as they are the "lesser of two evils". Do we not recognize by voting for the lesser of two evils we still get evil? We hear all politicians are corrupt yet we know that statement is not entirely correct. What of the long established Republican establishment such using Mitch McConnell for an example? He has campaigned and been elected when he used ridding us of Obamacare or illegal immigration and then when republicans took both houses of Congress and President Trump was elected McConnell voted and worked hard to oppose defeating Obamacare and fixing our illegal immigration problems yet he still sits in the Senate. This Senator is supposed to be aligned with the republican voter and yet he fights in opposition to their desires. Yet we still have the democrats with a group of anti American known as the "Squad" that openly oppose a republican form of government and defy the oath of office they all took.

What are American citizens to do when they are marked as "domestic terrorists" for standing or speaking in support of the protected rights of a Constitution every government employee and politician take an oath to support and defend? In reality many in our government's leadership are lawless and in open rebellion against our Constitution, hence our way of life. The peaceful approach to these problems is through establishing a solid State Legislature and Governorship. This will require citizens of courage to stand in opposition to federal or local mandates that are clearly unconstitutional either to our federal Constitution or our state Constitutions. For example the CDC is not authorized to pass law either locally or federally. This isn't to say that citizens may not choose to abide by CDC recommendations but they do not have legislative authority nor should we bow to their will.

The 2022 elections will be crucial in the ways they are handled. Our nation may not survive another election that the results are tainted by corruption and laws that are ignored by our judges, election committees and politicians. Trust and faith in our nation's ability to behave morally and lawful are crucial and we can just look around the world to see what nations become that operate in ways that are immoral and corrupt. Tyranny is then the only way these lawless leaders retain power and that is backed up by force. Our nation is being blessed with the exposure of the massive corruption within our own government which gives Americans the option to now demand lawful behavior from our leaders. We'll see soon enough if Americans will continue to allow lawless behavior by our government to continue or whether we will demand their removal from office at the ballot box or in the public square.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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