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Leadership Matters

From Jerry DeLemus


Leadership Examples

During the arrest of George Floyd there were 4 policemen involved and 2 of them were in their first week of training on the street. Unfortunately these two trainees were being trained by the officer who killed George Floyd. This is what happens with bad leadership and it can lead to deadly consequences. The two trainees were in a terrible position and they must have been conflicted as to how to react to their "leader" or "training officer's" actions. He was supposed to set the example and know what to do or what not to do and these young officer's lives were in his hands as their leader/trainer. Unfortunately their leader was a violent man who had little to no regard for the life of the citizen he killed and the trainees, as well as the other officer, followed the lead of the training officer. No matter what the results of the trials of these four officers, George Floyd will still be dead.

When I watched the coverage of Waco in the 1992 assault by a militarized ATF, which resulted in 80 or so citizens killed in the fire that occurred during the ATF assault, I was horrified. The women and children in that raging inferno died and some who tried to escape were shot at by snipers positioned outside the building, as the congressional investigation later revealed. The inventor of Forward Looking Infrared or "FLIR" testified before congress that there were shots fired at the exit doors to the building that was on fire. He pointed out, using FLIR, that those shots came from dug in sniper positions to control and observe the building's exits. The results of the massive amount of death that occurred in Waco Texas in 1992 was due to the same type of dangerous leadership that resulted in the death of George Floyd. In the case of Waco no officers were held accountable and no riots occurred. Many however, who observed the militarized assault on Americans who died in that fire were shown what bad leadership and a cover-up looks like.

I don't know anyone who defends David Koresh, the former leader of the Branch Davidians that occupied that building in Waco Texas in 1992. Most don't know if he was evil or just painted that way by a federal agency that needed to provide justification for the body count that resulted from their massive militarized assault.

The truth is the assault never needed to occur as Koresh could have been picked up by a handful of agents in town or while he was doing his daily run. That certainly wouldn't have been as dramatic and provided the visuals of a militarized agency. It would have however provided Koresh the opportunity for a trial in a court of law and to face his accusers. If found guilty or innocent at least the children in that building would not have died in that fire.

Cliven Bundy was the victim of bad leadership by another federal agent. The Bureau of Land Management Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love wanted a war and he prepared for one against the Bundy family. The evidence or "discovery" proves that without question, and yet the government claims the agents that were under SAC Daniel P. Love were the victims. Obviously the government have an odd idea of victimization. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and or FBI under SAC Daniel P. Love had set up sniper positions above the lifelong Bundy ranch and home. These federal snipers aimed their weapons at the Bundy children and grandchildren as well as the adults as they came and went from the home. I personally was told this by those who experienced the terror of having sniper rifles take aim at them and their children.

SAC Daniel P. Love later was found to have a "kill book" with lists of those he claimed as deaths he was involved in or possibly hoped to be involved in. This was sort of like his "scalps" to remember his "victories". The camera footage and voice recordings of the BLM agents involved during the BLM's siege on the Bundys is telling. Targets were chosen while the BLM agents laughed and joked about who or what they should shoot first. They had been shooting the Bundy's cattle and putting some in a massive grave near the BLM tactical outpost. BLM SAC Daniel P. Love had been preparing his subordinates for some kind of war so as to put these agents in the right "mindset" that anyone who aligned themselves with the Bundys was an enemy combatant.

Those BLM agents under Daniel P. Love's command were in fact victims, victims of bad if not evil leadership. Their job was not to kill citizens but to arrest them if they violated the law. Oddly there was not even a warrant issued for anyone at the Bundys when the events of 2014 occurred. So snipers took aim at children and women without even having a warrant for anyone's arrest. What could go wrong? Ask George Floyd, ALL lives matter, including those of our law enforcement officers and they and the civilian population should never be put in danger needlessly.

I don't know of any citizens who were at Bunkerville in 2014, whom I met, who were hoping for violence to occur. They did however want the rule of law to be upheld. For that reason hundreds of citizens came and stood so that the Bundys could, if need be, have their day in court rather than a trip in a hearse to a cemetary, which was BLM SAC Daniel P. Loves desire.

We hear now about the rioting, looting, shootings and vandalism happening across America, why is law enforcement allowing this to happen? Bad leadership is why, the same type of failed leadership that caused the death of George Floyd and at the Bundy ranch in 2014.

Well after the terror caused by BLM SAC Daniel P. Love he was fired for stealing and threatening his subordinates and other issues, and years earlier he had been ordered to stay out of two states by the governors of those states for his criminal behavior.

Fortunately the civilians in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy ranch held to the rule of law and had no desire for violence unlike the Bureau of Land Managements SAC Daniel P. Love. Not that this kept the government from trying to deliver some "payback" to the citizens who stood up to try and keep the BLM from becoming violent.

19 men were indicted 2 years later and railroaded by the U.S. Prosecutor (who was later demoted for his behavior) and the BLM. I know, I'm sitting in prison working on my fifth year after accepting a plea I told the court would cause me to perjure myself by signing. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney, with more bad leadership from U.S. Prosecutor Myhre, threatened a friend who has cancer with indictment if I didn't accept a plea agreement to something I did not do. Semper Fidelis (always faithful) is the Marine Corps Motto so I took the bullet and sit in prison.

The U.S. Prosecutor and the BLM were exposed for hiding evidence from the accused and the court. This resulted in those not yet tried being set free and a mistrial with prejudice was ruled by the judge. We still would not have the hidden evidence as required by law if it were not for the actions of the BLM Lead Investigator Cliff Wooten's whistle blowing. Unfortunately those who were denied the legal right to be provided the evidence in the case that was concealed by the government and had either accepted a plea agreement or been found guilty by the court, have still been denied their due process and three men still remain in prison.

Bad leadership has consequences and our government has a responsibility to uphold the rule of law and serve justice to all not just protect those that work for the government. I thank God each day that no one was shot or killed by the BLM agents under the command of BLM SAC Daniel P. Love.

Semper Fi,


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