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Lincoln Project Moneymaker

2/15/21 The premier Trump hating "Republican" (In Name Only) group 'The Lincoln Project' is now under scrutiny for their finances. The founders of the Lincoln Project have made tens of millions of dollars for themselves. Well maybe not co-founder Jennifer Horn (NH now ME), she was trying to grab some more cash after Joe Biden's inauguration to the tune of a $250k bonus and $40k per month but that was too much cash for the other founders of the group. The group was made up of self righteous RINO's who did the work of the Democrats, continually attacking President Trump and his policies.

The mainstream media made up of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and the like, loved the Lincoln Project's efforts to undermine President Trump and his policies. Many of the Lincoln Project's founders were paid by some of these Propagandist Media outlets to spout their anti-Trump messages. It seems, now that President Trump is out of office, some truths about these anti-Trumpers are coming into the light. Utah's senator Romney is aligned with the Lincoln Project's goal of doing whatever was possible to destroy President Trump. Oddly these voices were out of touch with over 74 million voters who supported President Trump and yet they make themselves out to be the voice of integrity within the Republican Party. Clearly the bubble these people live and operate in is a small gathering of profiteers. We still wait to see how President Trump will deal with what has happened to him, his family and his Presidency by those who had no goal but to fill their pockets and destroy him and to discount his 74 million Supporter's opinions.

The Republican base has been given opportunity to get a clear view of those who oppose our Platform and the reasons the Republican Party exists. We see it in Mitch McConnell with his statements accusing President Trump of being responsible for the September 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. McConnell should be included with the 7 Senators that voted to find Trump guilty in the hearing.

The members of the Lincoln Project should not be considered the voice of the Republican base and they should continue to be exposed for who they are.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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