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Losses and Gains of Delegates


I heard this morning that due to the 2020 census results that the number of representatives and or delegates who will vote in the next Presidential election in the Electorial College has changed. The Democrat run States in a number of instances have lost seats/votes and Republican States in some instances have gained such as in Florida. California and New York are among the losers. I had written a number of months ago about the way Representatives in the House of Representatives in Congress are determined by population. My thought at the time were that the Democrats were trying to flood Democrat States with illegal immigrants to increase the population which could increase those State's number of allowable Congressmen/women. It seems during President Trump's administration that the line was held and in some ways even moved in a better direction for Republicans.

A concern for "Republican" States is that with the large increase in State taxes and undermining of personal and business freedoms, of which some used the COVID panic as their excuse, is that Democrats will flood into "Republican" States and swing the votes. This could still happen as Democrats flee tax increases but tend to bring the desire for the Government they just fled with them. This has been shown in New Hampshire over the years as Democrats have flooded the State.

Holding the line is imperative for Conservative States. I mention "Conservative" because "Republican" doesn't always mean Conservative.

There is a chance that the Biden administration's policies will be a "step too far" for many and it will motivate Conservatives to run for all manner of office and for voters to elect them. America has a history of ignoring what should be obvious to them, we did this in WWII with Japan, the "Dust Bowl" and the Great Depression, now we continue that bad habit with our National and private Debt and China. We think that things will never happen because we are America, we should reflect on Rome or even Great Britain's history of "too big to fail". The signs are there if we pay attention to them such as the bidding wars for new homes, the inflation of product and material prices, the lack of Citizens willing or skilled enough to work at jobs that desperately need employees. One must wonder what a Biden administration would do in a major economic decline and if they would have the ability to sustain our Nation in one. We focus on COVID, masks, vaccinations, race, sexual choices and other nonsense that should in large part be ignored. Ignored because focusing on these issues is used as a devisive political tool of those seeking to garner votes rather than recognizing we are all Americans in the same American "boat". America will not last with the constant attacks on any people due to their race whether white, black, hispanic or asian. A true leader would not use those issues to direct public support their way.

A day of reconing is coming for America if we do not strive to better our Nation as Americans.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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