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Lt. General Flynn

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

So it seems that the Department of Justice, due to Attorney General Barr, has dropped the charges against Lt. General Flynn. The next step is to see if the judge will then dismiss the case. Interestingly enough this came about by illegal practices by the FBI and whoever else was involved in Flynn's prosecution. This also reveals that since Flynn was indicted that either false or incomplete information was provided to a grand jury to even get the indictment. So the Federal government lied, extorted and threatened a citizen knowing he was innocent.

If any of this sounds familiar it should, as that is exactly what happened to me. There is a whistle blower in my case, former Bureau of Land Management Lead Investigator Wooten who bravely exposed the corruption in my case with the FBI, BLM and the U.S. Attorney in Nevada.

Flynn and I have much in common as we were both threatened lest we accept a plea agreement produced by the U.S. Attorney in our cases that either our friends or family

would be prosecuted. Lt. General Flynn and I both accepted the plea agreements knowing they were not true but our choices were really not choices at all. In both of our cases crucial evidence of our innocence was withheld from us and the court in order to railroad us into prison. Both Flynn and I are or were involved in either candidate or now President Trump's election.

I hear these arbitrary numbers of the percentages of corrupt agents in the FBI by talk show hosts like Sean Hannity. He commented that the number is one percent. Hannity hasn't been prosecuted by the DOJ and the FBI or he would realize that his number is not correct. While in the Marine Corps we used to talk about the 10 percent that was made up of those that didn't make the grade. Our DOJ successfully imprisons 98 percent of the cases they bring to court either by a plea agreement or a conviction after trial. I will argue that they do not get it right 98 percent of the time they just threaten and intimidate the accused so much that they weigh their options and many times plea to something they did not do. Which is the case with Lt. General Flynn and me. If you haven't had the Federal government, with it's endless resources and the ability to imprison you for years before trial by calling your case a "complex case" thereby voiding your 6th Amendment right to a speedy trial, you know nothing of how they work. Flynn does and so do I. I, however, am not a former Lt. General who has Hannity and his staff seeking the truth, so here I sit. I am pleased for Lt. General Flynn as he was railroaded and did not deserve what was done to him, nor do I. We'll see if justice is for all Americans or just those who are fortunate enough to be in the loop. I've spent over 4 years in prison waiting for justice. Semper Fi, Jerry

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