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"My response to some of what I hear"

From: DELEMUS, GERALD Dec 4, 2018 3:51 PM

I have been hesitant to respond to some of the things I have heard being said regarding me, my plea and my motivations. I want to be crystal clear that my intentions for driving 2700 miles one way to Bunkerville Nevada in April of 2014 was to keep the peace and protect lives. I had no other intention nor have I had any "enlightenment" as to what I should or shouldn't have done. 

I drove to Bunkerville after learning of some of what was going on at Cliven Bundy's ranch after placing a call to him. I had never spoken to or even heard of Cliven Bundy until that Tuesday morning in New Hampshire. When I talked to Cliven on the phone I asked him what was happening and he told me there were snipers placed above his home and they were aiming at the children and grandchildren at the house as well as anyone coming or going. Cliven was obviously upset and he was afraid they were going to be shot. I asked Cliven if he had been served a warrant or if he knew of a warrant for his arrest. Cliven responded "I don't know of any warrants for my arrest, so no". I asked him if he was served a warrant would he abide by it and he responded, "yes". I then asked what he needed thinking he needed money, letters or calls to the Governor or some Congressmen. Cliven responded to my question with "I need bodies". I took his words to mean he thought that the more people that were there the less likely the snipers would be to shoot his family. That was my understanding and it made sense, we didn't even discuss his cattle. I was moved to go so I told him I couldn't leave until Thursday and I asked what I needed and he said camping supplies, tents etc as that was the only option for shelter but he would be able to supply food. It ended up I only had two Bundy beef burgers in the 3 weeks I was there; I have spent nearly 3 years in prison with about 3 1/2 years to go. I haven't asked the Bundys for anything and nothing has been offered by them to include a phone call to my wife to see if she is okay. I'm not saying anything other than the facts of how this has transpired. 

The reality; this isn't about the Bundys it's about doing what is right.

On April 13, 2014 I was asked to oversee the camp that became known as "Camp Liberty". I'm still not sure why I was asked but I was. I oversaw the camp for about 3 weeks until I drove the 2700 miles back to my home in New Hampshire. I had many people inquire what we needed and my first response was always "Prayers". I had tried to make sure there were not any troublemakers, drugs, alcohol in the camp. I was among a large number of people I didn't know and there were some firearms being carried so I set up some rules, no aiming at law enforcement ever, all firearms were to be carried in a safe manner. The hope was that with just us being there that there would not be an attempt by anyone to harm the Bundy family. There had been threats over the internet against them, even a site of "Bundy must Die" had been set up by someone. I traveled to talk to the Sheriff's office as well as the Chief of the Mesquite Police Department to let them know we were not there to hinder them nor resist their authority. I merely wanted Cliven to get back into the court system to resolve the situation and remove the threat of violence against him or his family. 

The rest is history and now I hear that some have joined some group called "Blue Isis". I hear this group hates law enforcement and I pray that this isn't the case. I do not harbor any animosity towards law enforcement. As a society we need them and they do a valuable service for our citizens. Are there bad apples? Sure but that is just a human condition. Is the Department of Justice broken? Absolutely it is, and it must be repaired so it seeks justice; that is done through the courts. The courts must be fixed as well. These things must be done through the processes we have as citizens, elections, our voices, lobbying and peaceful protests when necessary. To support groups like "ANTIFA" or any group that promotes violence as the path to take, or that all law enforcement is bad is just ignorant and frankly lawless. Lawlessness is what I have been fighting against for decades and especially in our government. We cannot accuse law enforcement of being lawless and then act lawlessly ourselves. 

I've also heard some that have been on a mission to allow the illegal's from the South to enter our country illegally and to provide support for them. It seems strange that some who I hear are doing this are the loudest voices demanding protection for their property rights. It seems ironic that they would be calling for others to support those breaking our laws. 

Have I been treated fair by the courts? No I haven't. My treatment and the treatment of those like Todd Engel and Greg Burleson is what may be necessary to wake up some that haven't been paying attention. Don't pick up a gun, pick up your phone and start pushing politically, write op eds, contact your representatives, be constructive, use your voice. This wouldn't have happened if Americans had done their civic duty long ago and paid attention to what our government was doing through our courts and agencies like the BLM. 

I accepted a plea that was a lie because my best friend has leukemia and he was threatened to be indicted. He said he would die in jail if that happened and I was immediately presented a plea. I risked my life for the Bundys who I didn't know, I surely wouldn't let a friend of 30 years die in jail. If anyone has a problem with that I truly don't care as I know it was the right thing to do. I've heard I've been accused of this or that because I signed the plea and that in one case I heard Ammon Bundy forgives me for it.

If that is true I am not asking for anyone's forgiveness and if I was it would be my wife's. She has had to shoulder the burden of my imprisonment caring for her terminally ill mother. I wonder if Jeannette Finicum has been offered an apology? I traveled to Burns Oregon with a videographer I hired to try and get Ammon and the others to leave the Wildlife Refuge as I believed, and still do, that it was a wrong headed idea and taking a terrible risk. Those who were there made their own choices and that is their business; although I was clear with Ammon I thought it a mistake and his responsibility for what happened. I felt strong enough about it to fly across America to try and keep the peace again and I know what I did was right. The others involved have to make their own decisions on their actions and their results. I have no desire to be a martyr for any land rights issues and the only reason I risked my life and freedom was to preserve life. Those that want to judge me, that's your choice. I just wish that those who judge me would even risk something for my family, maybe just time or concern. 

I will end this with thanking all of those who have prayed from the beginning in April 2014 and those who are doing so even now. Your prayers and kindness are worth more than you know, the Scripture calls them a "sweet aroma to God". I and Susan are eternally thankful for you. Those who have aided us with physical labor or even donations; that is something I will never be able to repay or express my gratitude enough for.

I took a great risk along with others to try and keep people we didn't even know from being killed and I know I would have done it for anyone and I believe the others probably feel the same. That is what a free nation requires, risk to protect our liberties. If we are afraid our freedom will come at a cost look at Arlington Cemetery, it does.

I don't think it does any of us well to bicker or snipe we should join our voices and demand justice and nothing less from our government. I must end this with that we must have a moral people to ever have a hope of justice in our nation and that means honoring God and His Son.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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