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From Jerry DeLemus


na·tion·al·ism /ˈnaSH(ə)nəˌlizm/ noun

Nationalism is an ideology and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation's sovereignty (self-governance) over its homeland. As opposed to globalism.

On Friday the 10th of July NPR did a show nearly 2 hours in length on "white racism" in America. Interestingly the show tied nearly every group that "white" Americans considered to be conservative into the "white racism" fold. They failed to mention that Americans of all "races" make up conservative groups in our nation. The biased NPR propaganda presentation obviously had to include President Trump in the "racist" groups. NPR spoke about the newly discovered group calling themselves "the Boogaloo Boys", whoever they are. The segment went on to tie in the Boogaloo Boys with the militia groups, the KKK and "white" nationalists.

It would be good if NPR would define what a "white nationalist" is and since they failed to do so I will.

A nationalist in my mind supports the nation they live in regardless of their genetics.

I know plenty of Americans I served with in the United States Marine Corps that were Black, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian (white for you liberals) and they were defending our nation. They demonstrated a support for our nation hence making them "nationalists" white, black, brown or whatever. In the lefts view, I'm curious, are there then "black nationalists" and would that make them racist in a similar way to what they call "white nationalists"? Why is it that the leftists continually try to divide Americans by race one may ask? We know their reason for segregating us by race is that with the division of the citizenry we are easier to control.

I never considered calling my friends and fellow Marines that were black, "black nationalists". It never entered my mind as I knew they were in the Corps to serve our country just as I was. We only hear of "white nationalists" from the propaganda spreaders on the left and somehow anything with the word "white" is now evil in their presentations. Oddly many of those presenting this division are "white leftists" and one could argue racists themselves. Of course they are probably ashamed that they are white, as only those of any other race can openly display or proclaim their pride in their heritage according to our new thought police. Oddly I've never felt the desire or even had the thought that I should be proud because I'm what is called "white". We just had our first "black" President who served 8 years in office and here the leftists are still complaining that the "white" man is keeping those of different races down. We have black senators, black congressmen and yet somehow "whites" are haters. Why is it even necessary to continue this conversation on human endeavors due to the color of one's skin? In business employees are hired and promoted for their performance not their skin color as the goal is to run a profitable business.

These small minded bigots keep pushing racism and all that goes with it. NPR calls ANTIFA a protest group and ignores the looting and assaults along with the destruction that they have leveled on our cities. ANTIFA claims to be anti-facist but in fact they are the worst type of facist thugs behaving more like Germany's infamous "brownshirts". Black Lives Matters is insulted if someone states that "all lives matter" and the leftists attack whomever makes such a statement as racist. What is the difference when the recognition that all lives matter to include blacks, Hispanics, Asians, whites and everyone else?

On it's face the segregationist term "black lives matter" appears to be racist at it's heart, claiming they want to be treated equal to whites while practicing segregation by race. Absurd isn't quite adequate to describe their hypocritical positions and beliefs. What happened to the dream that Martin Luther King had and promoted?

We must call out the racists whenever they spout off regardless of their skin color and we must defend our nation's principles that all men are created equal. Do not let the media or Democrats divide us as we are all God's creation black, white, brown or whatever.

What keeps us divided is our willingness to allow evil people to control our thoughts and opinions. Jesus (Yehoshua) told us we should "know a tree by it's fruit, a good tree bears good fruit and an evil tree bears evil fruit". Those that are causing destruction and division by one's skin color are bearing evil fruit. We are all Americans and we should start acting like it. I suppose that would make us all a bit nationalistic.

Semper Fi,


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