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New Court Filing for Jerry

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


DELEMUS, GERALD August 27, 2019

I love you my Beautiful Wife!!! Today I visited the officer where we send out packages through the mail and he called the mailroom after I explained the issue of only receiving one side of the two sided filings sent to me via the mail. He said they would take care of it and when they did mail call this afternoon just after 4pm count I received the mail all sides copied! The staff was great and couldn't have been more helpful or efficient in correcting the issue.

I have since read all of Dustin's filing and he did a wonderful job. (Dustin Marcello is our attorney) Now we'll see if the court is willing to right their mistake. Either way we continue to fight for justice and as I read Dustin's writings it just brought back so many memories of the Bundy women crying and thanking me for being there so those snipers would not continue aiming their rifles at their children. Whether I spend the entire 87 months in prison that alone is worth it. Others have been imprisoned for doing far greater deeds of righteousness. I suppose the fear of doing what is right costing us something personally keeps so many silent and allows evil to proceed unchecked. I know that Judge Navarro knows that I did not go out to Bunkerville to extort anyone but to stand in the way of the BLM's outrageous actions. I said it enough times publicly I didn't care about the cows but only the guns aimed at the children and grandchildren by the BLM and if they wanted to arrest Cliven Bundy no one would oppose them. Its never mentioned but when I originally called Cliven on April 8, 2014 I asked him if there was a warrant for his arrest and he told me "not that I am aware of". Then I asked Cliven if there was would he abide by it and he stated "yes". The first question I posed to Cliven after my arrival in Bunkerville was would he still abide by a warrant if presented and he stated "yes". I had told him I would not get in the way of a lawful warrant and that I would like to see him remain alive to take up his case in court. This I said in an interview outside the Clark County Sheriff's office just as I left the building stating the same thing to the Sheriff's representative. I later traveled to Mesquite Nevada to meet with their Chief of Police, his Executive Officer (xo) and his public information officer and I told them the same thing. I even asked them if there was anything I could do to make things easier on them and the Chief of Police told me I wasn't doing anything wrong and if I chose to carry firearms I had a constitutional right to do so. We got along very well and Jack C. sat in on that meeting with me. I liked the Police Chief.

Interestingly there was an article written or maybe reported on me while I was there and I read the reporter's impression of me, "Jerry DeLemus, the voice of reason". It's too bad that the Department of Justice couldn't see that I am not their enemy but in fact an ally trying to keep the peace in a very volatile situation. I still love this country and believe it is worth sacrificing for as we have children and grandchildren not to mention society in general that deserve a just government, a government that will deal safely and fairly with the citizens they take an oath to defend. We are not the enemy of government but rather the overseers of it when need be. The government needs to realize that they are not always right and it is not them against us. I only pray that good comes from this sacrifice and that federal agents like the BLM's Daniel P. Love will be rooted out and removed as well as held legally accountable just like us the citizens, not merely fired or transferred for illegal behavior and wrongdoing. We'll see.

I love you my Beautiful Wife and you are worth a million camels, goats and cows, you are worth everything to me, Your Husband

(Jerry's reference to cows and camels is about the "Bride Price" that men have to pay to their future father-in-law. The story goes that one man required 10 cows for his daughter's hand. Cows are very expensive in Africa and the story goes that apparently the cows were $1,000.00 each which is an astronomical number in Africa. Well the suitor was able to finally get the cows and was married to his love. So I like to brag that I am a 10 cow woman. (It was a true story told on our local Christian radio station))

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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