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No Indictment for Comey


DELEMUS, GERALD September 1, 2019

From Jerry immediately after the news that Comey's off the hook:

I just learned that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided not to seek an indictment against former FBI Director James Comey for a variety of his wrongdoings. It is of no surprise that the multitude of agencies that make up (specifically the DOJ) protect themselves from the people they take an oath to serve.

Our government does not hold itself to the same requirements under the law that they hold us "The People" to. These government "officials" and the Agencies use our tax dollars to fund the prosecution of "we the citizens". Using full weight of the "law" without the presumption of innocence, and then grant themselves or their "friends" in government a pass when they are caught breaking the very laws they take an oath to enforce.

If the FBI and the DOJ used the same standards of enforcement to prosecute James Comey or even Hillary Clinton that they used with such great zeal to prosecute then candidate Trump and later President Trump or his associates, Comey and Clinton would be in prison by now. I must note that it's not just Comey and Clinton, there are a multitude of others that have broken our nation's laws, and in actuality tried to foist an overthrow of our duly elected President.

I always believed that a rebellion on that level bordered on treason. I can't imagine our generals in the military deciding they don't like a President and then planning to overthrow him or her using all of the power at their disposal and upon being discovered that the fallout from such a failed attempt would be handled with all of the understanding and leniency that this near revolt has been treated by the DOJ and Congress.

It is a strange thing... the lack of attention this coup de tat has received by so few in the media, and to be honest by those in our own government namely Congress and the DOJ. If this was happening in another country our media would be calling it what it is, an attempted overthrow, and reporting on it. The majority of America's media only care and report on what they can use to try and damage President Trump.

The Scripture talks of "those that love the lie and are given over to strong delusion", this aptly fits the behavior of most of our media and those on the left.

Now when the average citizen is targeted by the DOJ it is, for the most part just allowed to progress while the Citizens, not having the power of the White House or the legal counsel afforded those in positions of high authority, are steam rolled into accepting a plea agreement or imprisoned. Later even if the citizen is found innocent they suffer from the financial devastation of defending themselves, loss of income and not to mention time from their lives.

It doesn't matter to the media or the government if it's "We The People" who suffer these things and if we care to look, there is a long history of these types of abuses. We had a weaponized IRS under Obama going after conservatives and then using the DOJ to run investigations on the Lefts' political enemies. Name the government officials that were sent to prison for any of these illegal attacks even after it is proven they broke the law. You will struggle to find one prosecution of these government criminals.

This brings us right back to former FBI Director Comey, numerous FBI agents and lest we forget Hillary Clinton. Most Americans don't believe any of these criminals will ever be prosecuted much less go to jail because of who they are. I ask why should it matter who they are to an agency that goes by the name of "The Department of Justice"? Was this not what we fought Britain about and separated from them for, so as not to suffer under a king and the royalty and their decrees that go along with having rulers nearly 243 years ago?

We are guaranteed in our Constitution a "republican form of government" nothing less and that is what we as Americans have fought to defend for over two centuries.

I sit in prison fully believing I was targeted for my conservative positions and my willingness to state them under then President Obama and his lawless operations. If our Founding Fathers were still alive and those that stood with them I would have some great company in my current location.

We have an opportunity with President Trump to reclaim much of what we have lost as a nation, namely a just government that is not a servant to those in power within our government. We must find our voices and stand up calling on President Trump to hold those in government accountable to the same standards of justice "We The Citizens" are held, anything less is tyranny. Our President is fighting hard to repair our economy from the damage done by former Presidents both Republican and Democrat and he is having great success in this.

We also need to shrink the overgrown federal government and it must relinquish some (much) of it's authority back to the states as stated in the 10th Amendment to our Constitution. We are not the former United Soviet Socialist Republic and we must stop acting like it and stop accepting the monstrous over reach of the federal government. I believe if we rally behind our President, this President, we can voice our concerns and desires and he will work to reclaim our Republic. Call him!

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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