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Our Nation


We should count our blessings that those who would destroy our nation are being fully exposed for who they are. There are still those who operate as "moles" within the bureaucracy of our federal government. These are the ones who are career employees who play the system. When directed to change policy they drag their feet and behave like saboteurs within our government. We've seen their actions within the FBI and the DOJ while President Trump was struggling to find suitable leadership within the various agencies. The Strzoks, Pages and Comey's that smile big while doing their best to destroy our citizens' faith in our justice system. They live in a world that justifies any dishonest behavior and actions as long as it undermines our President's goals of putting America first.

We heard that when President Trump was elected that a number of FBI agents had stated they would quit if Hillary Clinton was elected and it is curious we have heard nothing from or about these agents. These agents are the ones who need to speak out about what was happening within the FBI under then President Obama and his administration. We are blessed with Attorney General Barr and his efforts to clean out some of the internal corruption within our nation's agencies. We still are waiting for Durham's work to surface with indictments of those who have tried to overthrow our Nation's Government. The efforts may have been aided by external forces but the work was done from within and it must be exposed and prosecuted if Americans are to trust our system of justice.

Surely there is risk involved in prosecuting those who have or are currently serving in the highest positions in our Government, the alternative is to reward those who would destroy our very system of Government.

There truly is no other option, as Jesus (Yehoshua) told us that "man cannot serve two masters, as he will love one and hate the other". Does our Nation and those in Government serve the Law of the Land or not? Are those in political office or employees of the Government held to the same standards under the Law as the average citizen? These are the very reasons our nation was formed, lest we forgot.

We as a people have, in a large part, exchanged our freedom for a little security. We were warned of this by Benjamin Franklin and that if that was the course we chose we deserved neither. This is exactly what we have done and now we are blessed to have a President that has been trying to correct that mistake.

It is time we as Americans who believe in the Rule of Law, openly challenge those who practice lawlessness no matter who they are or what political party they claim to represent. Right and wrong is not a matter of race or party. The foundation of right and wrong has been established by God and there is no area of concession that serves right. We must, as a Nation founded on the covenant of being a people that submit to God and His direction, need to repent of what we have done and allowed to happen. Our churches have failed in a big way on following the path that our Shepherd Jesus the Christ (Yehoshua ha Messiah) set for us. The left has been given over to strong delusion and therefore they love the lie. If we do not openly challenge the lies they spread then we are a party to it and we deserve what we get.

Stand up and speak the truth, do not let our Constitutional rights be snatched from us for any reason at all. There are always reasons used by revolutionaries to try and destroy one's rights. Churches need to resist the illegal and un-Constitutional restrictions put upon them and open their doors to the flock. Pastors and priests need to decide whom they serve, God or man and then make their voices heard. This is the sword which is the Word of God and we need to wield it when our faith is being destroyed for whatever excuse that those who hate God use. We should as people of faith, be able to see this battle clearly, and if not then it maybe that you have allowed the "blind to lead the blind and both fall in the pit". We should give no more ground when it comes to sacrificing our liberties.

Semper Fi (another "ambassador in chains'), Jerry

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