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Our Republic


Every office holder, to include law enforcement and military, in our Nation takes an oath to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. *Why is that a requirement? *What happens to those who do not uphold their oath?

*Who is responsible to hold those accountable for breaking that oath?

These are questions that need to be looked at by the People of our Nation.

What makes our Nation a Republic and does it matter?

A Republic elects those who represent us in government also those we elect vote on issues that arise before our Nation. This for instance is why we have an Electoral College. Our State Legislatures are responsible to put in place "Electors" to vote for those our State supports for the office of President. The number of Electors varies from State to State according to the number of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate each State has. One Elector per each member of Congress is how it is calculated. New Hampshire for example has 2 members of the House of Representatives and 2 members of the Senate. This means that New Hampshire has 4 Electors to represent New Hampshire in the Electoral College. California on the other hand has about 59 members of Congress so they get 59 Electors.

Our founders were concerned that the smaller populated States would not be represented if our Presidential elections were decided by the popular vote alone, which is how a Democracy works. Those who live in more rural states would never have representation as the highly populated states would control every election. The needs of city dwellers can be much different than those who live in less populated or rural areas. We see how New York and California vote versus South Dakota and Iowa.

In our U.S. Constitution in Article IV Section 4 it reads: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence." Those we elect, appoint or hire to work for us in our government (be it City, County, State or Federal) have taken an oath to the Constitution and that includes Article IV Section 4 to "guarantee" the several States a Republican Form of Government. Those who are trying to undermine our Electoral College are breaking their oath of office or employment. That is grounds for removal from that position of trust. We hear about the Communists or Marxists in our government and that should not be as they are truly disqualified from holding office as they will never be able to uphold their Oath of Office. Another point made in Article IV Section 4 is that it is the job of the Federal Government to "protect them (States) against invasion". What does that mean? Would 12-20 million illegal immigrants constitute an invasion? Surely it must, if 12 million Chinese came into our country at one time and settled in Texas it certainly would garner some attention. The term invasion doesn't specify an "armed" invasion but rather just an invasion. President Trump has been doing his best to stem an invasion of illegal's entering or invading our country. This while Congress, ignoring their Oath of Office, sat on their hands and did nothing. The Leftists want it to be permitted and they endorse an invasion by providing "sanctuary cities" and benefits for those who enter our Nation illegally. Our Nation is under attack and sadly it is from within in large part but that attack is also funded by the Communist Chinese government. We know that Joe Biden has been purchased by the Communist Chinese government through his son Hunter Biden's business deals. This opens Joe Biden up to sell our Nation out and if he refuses it opens him up to blackmail for his prior corrupt business dealings with China. We face the real chance of losing our Republic and we have, in many ways, already lost a great portion of our freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution. The lawless in our government or to be exact those who are in government that reject our Constitution and the rights protected by it, have ascended to positions of great power and authority. We are in trouble as a Nation and it is not up to those in government to correct this but rather it is up to the People of our Nation to demand such corrections of them. We hear often now about the need for men (and women) of courage in our government and Nation but most of the time those calling for those 'People of courage' to step forward are not willing to do so themselves. This may sound harsh and it is and it well should sound harsh for if We The People tolerate corruption and the overthrow of our Nation by the lawless in power then we deserve what we get. I know something about standing for what is right and I also know full well there is a cost. We must garner our courage and not tolerate evil having it's way. We've heard it said we must vote for the lesser of two evils but I say that if that is your choice you still are voting for evil. We must stand on principle and there are people within our government who will stand as well but they need to know we are behind them and maybe out in front of them. We have the Constitution and the Rule of Law on our side but if we do not join together in our Towns and States we will be picked off one at a time and silenced. Our gatherings should be in our churches as well and if we are in a church that refuses to support right then we need to seek out a church that will stand for right. The Scriptures tell us "the truth will set you free" and that is true and history proves it. We have a great Constitution and many great people in our Nation but we must be willing to stand for justice and right as there is no one else who can stand in our place for us. We must stop supporting businesses and Media that is trying to destroy our Republic. If our voting is corrupted we lose our foundation of government and the lawless know no limits. General John Stark stated, "Death is not the worst of evils, live free or die". We too have a responsibility to defend our Nation, our laws and our way of life and to do less is cowardice.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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