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Populism vs Elitism


The battle lines of American politics have been drawn and the Citizens of our Nation are witnessing the differences between Populism and Elitism.

Both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party have been top loaded with Elitists and that has been the case for decades. The Elitists have the political connections, the money, the media and in most cases the leadership and control of the government. The Populists have former President Trump, areas of social media and justice on their side. We have seen what happens when a Populist is elected by the People as our President as the Elitists join forces and do all within their power to unseat a President who represents the People of our Nation. The battle lines couldn't be more clear, although there are those who swallow the hook, line and sinker of the Elitists as they corruptly try to retain power and control of our government.

Let's look at the basic political messages of the Elitists and the Populists.

The Elitists want globalization, wealth to continue to flow to themselves and their friends with no loyalty to our Nation and in fact they use words such as 'Patriot' or 'Nationalism' as representing evil.

We must learn to listen to their message, not just the hype or 'feelings' they present to try and persuade us to allow them to continue in power. They also want to control every facet of our lives, from the economy to what we eat, with their latest excuse being the pandemic panic; even if we can gather or go to church or not.

The Populists are more interested in the Citizenry such as the middle class and the blue collar workers. They also are concerned about our Nation's and our States' sovereignty which is the foundational firewall for our personal or individual freedoms as Citizens. Populism will limit the centralized control of the individuals' lives and our ability to live as our Founders set forth in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

We could see the Elitists gather together when we saw the impeachment of Trump and those who supported it. This includes Mitch McConnell and the Democrats. We have seen 7 Republican Senators and 10 Republican Members of Congress support the impeachment and their reasons are they are Elitists and Trump threatened their control of our Nation. Why are so many in Congress multi millionaires when they serve more than a few terms "Representing" us, whether Democrat or Republican? Both parties are corrupted and the Liberals should be outraged about Hillary Clinton and the DNC's corruption in how they cheated to defeat Bernie Sanders in his primary in 2016. Bernie is a Socialist and quite possibly a Communist and his direction for our Nation is wrong and although he did expose the corruption in the Democrat Party, they undid him. We saw those who present themselves as Conservative Republicans align with the radical left, big business and big money against President Trump. How did that alignment happen and why? Because they are all members of the Elitists who 'know better' than the Citizens of our Nation.

It is time for those who love our Nation and what it was founded on, which is individual freedom, to align and dethrone the Elitists. We can no longer tolerate the RINO's or the Leftists who join forces to defeat the will of the People. We must join together and oust all of those who have aligned against us, our Founding Documents and our rule of Law. This is possible if we are willing to dedicate the time and effort. If we don't we have lost our Nation's.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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