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President Trump on Belleau Woods


As Marines we are schooled on the rich history of the United States Marine Corps and it's battles.

There is a story that has been reported in the "Atlantic" from anonymous sources stating that in 2018 President Trump called those Marines who were killed in one of the Marine Corps most famous battles at Belleau Woods in France, "losers and suckers". This was the battle where Marines, in America's first battle in WWI, attacked the German army and, under devastating machine gun fire, advanced and defeated the enemy forces.

The Marines were so aggressive that the Germans who fought against us nicknamed the Marines "Devil Dogs".

This was America's first battle in France in WWI and our first victory thanks to the Marines. In 2015 I was honored, along with retired Marine and NH State Legislator Al Baldasaro, to be asked to Co-Chair then candidate Trump's 'New Hampshire's Veterans for Trump'; two Marines.

For anyone to believe or spread any statement that President Trump would disparage the sacrifice of any of our military dead is outrageous and blatantly dishonest. The Marine Corps Motto is "Semper Fidelis" or as we Marines say "Semper Fi" which translated is "Always Faithful". We do not take those words or that pledge lightly and I am absolutely positive that neither does President Trump, our Commander in Chief of our military. I am positive that my then Co-chair, Al Baldasaro stands with me in this belief.

Marines are very protective of their Corps and that is a lifelong fact. Not only is the person who wrote that article in the Atlantic but whomever their cowardly source was, (if there was even a source), should be ashamed of themselves, although I doubt that they know what shame actually is. Certainly whoever wrote this article was never a Marine or they would have realized they were sticking their hand in the hornet's nest.

Those who hate our Nation and what it was founded on, are cowards and they will do anything, without restraint to undo our nation, this we are seeing in some of our cities. Fear not, the Marines are always ready to stand and defend our Nation and what she stands for even if we are the only ones.

I haven't been proud of America's Presidents in a long time but I certainly am proud of President Trump who has practiced the Marine Corps Motto of "Semper Fidelis" since taking office and I stand fully with him knowing that he loves our nation.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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