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Presidential Debate


Fox is touting their holding the first Presidential debate with Chris Wallace as the moderator. We should think back for a moment as to how Chris Wallace was while moderating the Presidential primary debates in 2016. Wallace was anything but even handed and we should keep that in mind. Wallace's other business associates on Fox will probably defend Wallace as they have the same boss.

President Trump is skeptical about how unbiased Wallace will be and with good reason. Wallace is supposedly going to be the "fact checker" on the candidate's statements. We've seen plenty of the media's fact checking over the last four years and it's bias against President Trump should be obvious to any thinking American. Chris Wallace's last performance in the 2016 campaign debates should be revisited by the media but they won't, not even by Fox News as the bias of Wallace is hopefully forgotten.

We'll be reminded of some of it by Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin but Fox will probably not want to remind Americans of Wallace's bias. One wonders how Wallace was the choice for Fox News, as the moderators of the next two debates will certainly be liberals... no conservatives need apply, not even as the Fox News moderator.

If you can look up on YouTube the 2016 debates with Wallace, and who can forget his Fox News blonde attack dog, Megan Kelly's horrendous performance I would recommend to see how Wallace did.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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