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I recall years ago thinking how horrible it would be to be arrested and spend a night in jail. Now after 4 1/2 years in prison it amazes me how well we adapt. It also, for me, helps that I did not break any laws and my imprisonment is unjust. Sure I accepted a plea agreement prepared by the government Prosecutors but they knew, as well as all else who were at the Bundy ranch, that I didn't break any laws. To the contrary I did my best to keep any would be law breakers away. It has been obvious also to the officers who have had contact with me during this 4 1/2 year mission. I have had countless officers since the very beginning tell me that what the government is doing to me is wrong. I've had some along the way tell me that they too should have gone and stood in Bunkerville. They wouldn't have been the only Law Enforcement Officers, as many who stayed with me were either retired or active Law Enforcement Officers.

We all knew something was terribly wrong with what the Bureau of Land Management agents were doing to Cliven Bundy. So we responded with the desire that no one would be hurt or killed. That, as we now know and I knew then, was not the desire or goal of BLM Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love. It is odd that there were hundreds of others at the Bundy's who arrived well before me and were certainly outspoken but they were not indicted.

That question has often crossed my mind. Not that I believe any deserved to be indicted as far as I know. For some reason I was singled out. It is not a complaint but merely an observation.

We see now how the left is attacking anyone who stands for our Constitution and our rights guaranteed in it. Certainly I have been outspoken about the targeting of our Constitutional rights.

Then President Obama and Vice President Biden along with his Attorney General and Hillary Clinton as well as then FBI Director James Comey were the power that made the decisions on how to handle the Bundys. We see, after BLM Special Investigator Wooten's whistle blower letter to the DOJ and to Judge Navarro, just how corrupted things were. Some of us are still suffering from the wrong doing of the now demoted U.S. Prosecuting Attorney Myhre and now fired BLM SAC Daniel P. Love.

Justice is still just words to us at this point as we wait to see if it becomes a reality. I certainly appreciate all of the kindness afforded to me and Sue throughout my imprisonment by so many. Freedom truly is not free and someone has always paid the price.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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