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Republicans In Name Only

From Jerry DeLemus


If anyone who is voting for Joe Biden claims to be a Republican they are a liar.

There is absolutely no way on earth that anyone voting for Biden is a Republican and if they think they are they are delusional.

Biden supports


*large government

*socialized medicine

*not only gun control but

gun confiscation

*defunding and in some cases disbanding our police

*normalized relations with Iran and providing them the ability to have nuclear weapons

*stopping our own oil and gas production

*allowing our NATO allies to continue not paying their agreed upon contributions

*stripping our military *promoting illegal immigration

*submitting to global authorities over our Constitution and laws

*supporting our failed U.S. education system as it currently is

*stripping rights from all Citizens to pacify a vocal minority

*and the "good old boy" methods of using his position to enrich himself, his family and friends as he did in Ukraine and China with his son.

Those like Mitt Romney and, in New Hampshire, Jennifer Horn are untrustworthy and truly dishonest. These two for example claim to be Republicans but then they abandon the Republican candidate for President that has done exactly what he campaigned on and has been accomplishing. This honesty by President Trump must just be too much for these liberal hypocrites. The reality is both Romney and Horn are irrelevant and anyone who has followed their political careers knows it. The democrats know that they can usually use them as an ally when needed. Horn has a political career of treachery against true Republicans in the state of New Hampshire and Romney is in love with himself. Romney ran for governor in Massachusetts and won installing Romneycare the model for Obamacare. Then Romney decided he wanted to be President so he moved to New Hampshire to run. After losing to Obama he decided to run for the Senate so he moved to Utah to get the Mormon vote and he did as he is a Mormon. We'll see if the citizens of Utah will have wised up to their Senator and his back stabbing ways and primary him in his next election.

It is time that the Citizens of America look at their Representatives and those who claim to represent them, to call them out when they start voting for Democrats, especially Democrats who are obviously Socialists aka, Communists.

Look at who Biden is promoting for his cabinet, people who support:

*The Green New Deal

*gun confiscation

*higher taxes

*Socialist programs

*open borders

*land/property confiscation

*etc etc etc.

Republicans like Romney and Horn come out and refuse to support President Trump and then we hear that some will support Biden. Really!?

Semper Fi,


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