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From Jerry DeLemus



The recent outcry for our public schools to be reopened for a myriad of reasons should cause parents to examine what is or is not actually transpiring.

The teachers unions, AFT and NEA are not having any problem with the schools being closed as the teachers and their staff in most cases are still collecting their paychecks and so the unions are still collecting their tithes from the union members.

We hear reasons calling for the reopening of schools such as, parents need to be free to go back to work and with their children being kept at home these parents or at least one of them is stuck caring for their children. We hear that there are children going without their breakfasts and lunches as they have been receiving free meals at their schools, that parents are overwhelmed being responsible to watch their children, the children are being denied the ability to visit other children, some parents can't afford a computer or internet for at home learning, etc, etc. Hillary Clinton was right it seems that "it takes a village to raise a child" as many parents are unwilling to take the responsibility to do so.

Have we taken the time to think about what the teachers would be teaching our children if they were in school right now? It is a fact that the vast majority of teachers and professors are liberal and in many cases flat out Marxists. The issues used to excuse rioting, looting and the destruction or our nation's statues i.e. history are causes that would be spoon fed to those children and young adults in our schools and universities. It may very well be that the COVID 19 lockdown or lock out of our nation's "reeducation centers" (schools) is saving one more massive attack on our nation by these "educators". There would be discussions on America's racism and hate filled history by our Founding Fathers and even our churches. Explanations as to why the statues of George Washington and others needed to finally be destroyed and our flag burned. Why looting is just those who have suffered under "white privilege" and should be tolerated as it is only "social justice" being served.

It may be that too many parents of our young have already been corrupted by the Marxist teachings of our education system to even recognize the truth or even identify what Communism looks like as well as what it does to a nation and people that it rules. So these parents don't teach what they don't know about our nation and what our Constitution and Declaration of Independence mean as well as say. Did these parents read or have their children read the Declaration of Independence on July 4th? Probably not in most cases but they were upset they couldn't go watch the fireworks, whatever those represent.

So maybe we as a nation have been given a blessing that we have failed to recognize or take advantage of with our children being "stuck" at home with their parents. We instead complain that we need the schools opened to feed the children, that their parents are too irresponsible to do it themselves. We all know there are certain times in some people's lives when they need help but our welfare, free school meals and daycare have become a panacea for a handicapped mindset of too many parents and Americans.

This dependence on the government is unhealthy, not only to our Republic but to our souls and to our children. Parents are teaching their children it is society's responsibility to raise and provide for America's children not the parents. Communist nations make that a law in their tyrannical form of government so they can control and brainwash the young into submission. Americans do it out of laziness and selfishness. Shame on us.

If the teachers and professors aren't working don't pay them and pass the tax breaks on to the citizens of those communities. Nearly 80% of property taxes go to the school systems in their towns and cities and a tax reduction would help pay for private schooling of the children. We might look deeper into our condition and see how much of a blessing may just be within our grasp by keeping our children home for a while.

Semper Fi,


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