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Surveillance Operations Underway


If possible look up Lora Logan and listen to what she is saying regarding the NSA and the surveillance operations that are underway in America on Trump supporters. It is truly frightening as to the extent of what is transpiring. Julian Assange (sp) warned Americans about what he had discovered via Snowden's leaks. It makes one curious as to the advice that Trump was getting when it came to pardoning Assange. We now here General Milley's (sp) comments in a new book that blasts President Trump as planning a coup. The coup was planned and acted upon through our intelligence agencies to include the FBI and the media and those are facts and it wasn't President Trump doing the spying. Our nation is now being led by those that would destroy her either for financial gain or power. We watch as Cubans wave our flag crying for liberty and they are beaten, shot and imprisoned while our President and his administration will not even condemn communism. We have been so accustomed to the lies from the leftists and their mouthpieces in the media that we shrug our shoulders while they destroy our nation.

Make no mistake there are political prisoners in America and there will be more. We can see this in the way that those who were merely in Washington on January 6th are being treated and addressed. Certainly anyone who broke into the Capitol should be charged with trespassing but to hold Americans in prison for 5 or more months without bail for trespassing is illegal according to our Constitution. I know how this works from my own personal experience and I know the pressures that are being applied to some by the FBI through either friends or family members. These pressures are applied to obtain plea agreements to crimes that these people did not commit. Interestingly the same thing is happening to the Cuban citizens being arrested in Cuba for demanding liberty. It is no wonder that Biden and his crew will not openly condemn communism and it's practices in Cuba as they are doing the same thing here in America.

We can act as if it's not happening here but for some of us who have been persecuted illegally with these tactics we know better. Fear not if you fail to surrender to them you will get your turn. Do we recall Assange being charged with rape? What was that all about you may ask. It was about false charges so an indictment could be put in place to arrest him and bring him here to be imprisoned. We see how the internet is being surveilled and Trump supporters are being fired for merely supporting him and questioning if there was illegal voting occurring. We see how Trump supporters are denied even having a credit card or bank account because of their politics. This by the ones claiming tolerance and no more hate. At some point what is happening will become obvious even to those that prefer blindness but at that point it will be to late. I recall after the end of WWII when the Nazi concentration camps were discovered by our military and Eisenhower made the locals that lived near them clean up the dead bodies of those murdered. Those people had carried on with their lives while those within the camp were murdered and tortured. One wonders if those people attended their regular church services each week.

We must be vigilant in our defense of our Constitution and our Republic and that means we must stand up and use our voices at every opportunity to expose what is transpiring. In the Scriptures the "watchmen on the wall" are called to sound the warning to those in the city if the enemy is spotted approaching. We too must sound the warning if we see an attack on our nation and our way of life. Sure we would rather be at the beach our on our boat fishing but that is not realistic nor is it right.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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