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Teachers' Protest


It is quite an interesting bit of irony currently in play with regards to the complaints of teachers about being asked to go back to the schools and teach.

If anyone has sat through a School Board budget meeting, when the teachers plead their case not to lay off a teacher or limit the amount of yearly budget increase from say five percent to three percent, it is attacked as if the world would end. We hear about the need for smaller classrooms and how much the teachers love our children. We hear about the absolute damage that would be inflicted upon our children if a school lost even one teacher, as every teacher is essential to be in the classroom.

Now comes COVID 19 and the teachers and their unions are complaining that, on top of collecting their paychecks they are being asked to go to the classrooms and actually teach. We see their protests spouting, "I can't teach if I'm dead" or they put themselves in body bags in front of their schools. They paint their signs, oddly many without their "life saving" face masks, but we don't hear a word about the students they claim (at every budget meeting) to love. Our children are now the little killers of the teachers, the "spreaders" who will bring death to these heroic teachers. They themselves are never without words of praise to sing of their value at a school budget meeting.

Now teachers are showing the public, the parents and the taxpayers that the grocery store clerk and the trash man is more essential than they are because these workers go to work to do their jobs and earn their paycheck. Not so with the teachers.

We should all remember the teachers and their Unions' words they are saying now when they come to their next school budget meeting. It would be wise to have copies of news articles with the teachers' own words as to how really "non essential" they are when they fill the School Board budget meetings or complain about cutting a teaching position. It seems they are fine now with no teachers in our public schools.

The reality; this may be a blessing and should wake up the sleeping taxpayers and parents to actually pay attention to their local school district's behavior and the school's and Union's budget demands.

Maybe when the teachers tell those at the budget meeting how much they love the children, the public will be able to see through to their real motivations.

We do need schools and schools need teachers and no one would deny that fact. America's public education isn't even rated in the top ten of education systems around the world but it IS very near the most expensive if not THE most expensive system.

Now is a good time for taxpayers and parents to consider and promote private education, magnate schools and home schooling funded through vouchers.

Magnet schools are being targeted by the Los Angeles California teachers' unions, as they outperform the public schools. This should tell us much and it is time we stopped rewarding failure and started fixing it.

Just a few thoughts for this time that we have to really be given a clear view of the society we have made.

Semper Fi, Jerry

P.S. From Susan DeLemus

I found out today about a place where teachers can go to opt out of paying Union dues.

The website is showing an error right now but I called the number on the Facebook site and was told that the woman who leads this organization was on Glenn Beck this morning and that was about the time that the website became unavailable.

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