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The Elections

From Jerry DeLemus


There are a few questions that must be thought of regarding the upcoming Presidential elections.

1. Will the rioters and protesters actually vote?

2. How will those that live in the cities that have been affected by the rioting vote?

3. Firearm sales are up in large numbers and mostly for first time purchasers how will they vote?

4. How will the citizens vote that have city councils that voted to defund their police departments?

5. Economically speaking who will prefer Biden over Trump and why?

6. Is the restoration of law and order important to Democrats and Independents?

7. How will the voters dependent on energy jobs vote?

8. How will those invested in the stock market vote?

9. How will those who want to back off from the COVID 19 restrictions on their lives vote?

These questions all provide a glimpse of much bigger questions that will bear on the answers such as with energy. Pennsylvania is an energy producing state. Under President Trump, will the citizens vote to support the death of their industries with the Green New Deal? The questions didn't even touch on illegal immigration, China and a number of other questions. Those Marxists on the left wouldn't vote for President Trump regardless of who he runs against. Biden is pliable as his mental state is obviously greatly affected by either dementia or Alzheimer's. Anyone who has had exposure to someone with those diseases can easily identify the signs. We just heard former Terrorist and Vice President of the Communist Party in America and Black Panther, Angela Davis state that Biden will be easily pressured by the masses; they do NOT want a strong leader. Quite an endorsement of Biden for President especially considering the violence and absolute insanity plaguing our nation with the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA groups.

If citizens are purchasing firearms to protect themselves and their property it is highly unlikely they will vote for someone who wants to defund our law enforcement and kiss up to Anarchists. President Trump has already received the endorsement of a large group of law enforcement Unions.

The left, to include especially the media, will try to keep the COVID 19 shutdowns in place to force mail in voting and possibly to limit any debates between Biden and President Trump.

President Trump will certainly take the Electoral College vote majority and no one expects him to win California or New York. Those voters elected the Governors and Mayors they have at present. These Governors and Mayors are busy putting their citizens and law enforcement officers at risk while they kneel with the Anarchists who are burning their States' businesses and police cars.

We just saw the New York City Chief of Police get hit over the head by a black man at one of the Black Lives Matters riots in opposition to a peaceful march by church leaders to end the violence. No comment from either New York's Governor or Mayor on those attacks.

The Mayor just aided in painting Black Lives Matter on the street in front of Trump Tower. That should tell us all we need to know.

We will see if America is willing to give our Nation over to Communist Anarchists or hold on to our Republic with this election. The Democrats and their media are already prestaging for riots should they lose, and those riots will come.

If we don't elect President Trump to a second term we will have lost our Nation without so much as a whimper. It's our choice.

Semper Fi,


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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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