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The "New Norm"

From: Jerry DeLemus April 13, 2020 The New Norm The "new norm" seems to be that if we have an issue that occurs that causes "the threat" of a substantial loss of life in our country or the world that we ban the cause of it until the danger passes. That being the case and how we have handled nationally and internationally, the Covid 19 virus by closing down, for the most part, our world; lets look at some other things we must ban or close down. We'll use the data from 1/1/20 to 3/25/20 and our handling of Covid 19 will be our model for this. 1) Abortions 9,913,702 2) Smoking 1,162,481 3) Alcohol (drinking) 581,599 4) Traffic accidents (driving) 313,903 So with the numbers of deaths related to abortions, smoking, alcohol and driving accidents it is obvious that we as a nation and a global community must ban these activities. It is the only responsible reaction to stem the death rates of these activities, anything less is irresponsible. That is if we use our reaction and handling of the Covid 19 "pandemic". I haven't listed many other causes of death but even the seasonal flu for the dates mentioned is at 113,034 deaths. So we should consider keeping the system that has been put in place for the yearly flu seasons as well. There is a concern that starvation may rise due to the precautions in place for the Covid 19 pandemic as we hide under our beds with our masks and gloves on, fearful to go into the public arena. Certainly the suspension of our Constitution is another casualty of this pandemic as we have to forgo peaceful public gatherings such as church or political rallies and even family gatherings at a park or our homes. This certainly isn't too much to ask of us so as to preserve lives that could be lost for disobeying our governments media backed decisions. It is obvious that "We The People" do not have the intelligence or common sense to think for ourselves so we must give over our decision making to the media and the government at all levels. Thank goodness that we have been preconditioned to accept tolerance and our lack of capability to judge anyone or anything or this transition would be much more difficult if not impossible to implement. If you're sad just watch the news to see what others are doing to feel good about losing their constitutional rights. Fox News has plenty of local "heroes" on as do the other major media outlets. Interestingly enough I haven't seen any interviews of those who are losing or have lost their businesses or livelihood. We'll have a better understanding of sacrifice and "true heroism" when "We The People" are told what we must do to pay the taxes on the 6Trillion dollars that was spent by our "leaders" while we followed them, without question, off the cliff. Death is not the worst of evils, live free or die (Gen. John Stark) Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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