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The President has the Discernment to Realize the Differences



November 22, 2019

I heard that President Trump pardoned 3 men that were tried in a court martial by the military. Two of the men were Army officers and one was a Seal. Their charges were during combat conditions and the President over ruled the military courts that sentenced two of the men and the other that was demoted. One of the men had spent 6 years in military prison already. It is a good thing that the President has the discernment to realize the differences between the men in the field at the front of the battle lines and those in the rear with a staff. I'm sure the President has some more Generals or staff officers mad at him for this but it certainly will endear him to the troops.

I wonder how many men are imprisoned for their military service during combat. This isn't to say that those who do full on evil should be set free but it is a different story for those right in the fight trying to defend their fellow soldiers and themselves. War is ugly and a horror at best we shouldn't try to paint it as being prim and proper because it isn't nor will it ever be. Our President fights to win and he wants our troops to be of the same mindset knowing their government is behind them. Soldiers don't start the wars politicians do and these same politicians go home to be with their families each night the soldiers are sleeping in a hole or under a truck without a blanket. Thank God we have a President that understands such things.

Semper fi Jerry

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