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The Purge


In every Communist revolution, once they gained enough political power they purged the political landscape of their opposition. This is common with oppressive governments that rule through tyranny and thus use fear and persecution as their weapons to remain in power. There isn't one Communist government that has ever sought power over a Nation and not promised that they were fighting oppression of the "little people". Interesting enough that over 75 million voters in America are now the named enemies of the State. This while President Biden preaches unity. I suppose that the useful idiots who elected him and aided in the Propaganda war against President Trump can now openly state their objectives to their allies.

Make no mistake, these Leftists to include the Establishment that has ruled Washington for decades, is going to do their best to see to it that we never have another populist President.

In Germany in the 1930's and 1940's the Gestapo would seek out their political enemies and drag them from their homes to show their neighbors what happens if you oppose the government. We hear that there is never an excuse for violence but understand, that is meant for those who oppose tyranny not those who support it. The violence that was put forth by BLM and ANTIFA was acceptable and in fact permissable by the states and cities they looted and rioted in over the last year. This is known as freedom of speech by the Leftists.

Conservatives, Populists, Liberatarians and Republicans are not afforded freedom of speech and in fact they are now being marked as "Domestic Terrorists" by the new administration. Former CIA Director Brennan, who voted for a registered Communist, has labeled all of these groups to be Domestic Terrorists.

So what if these people label Trump supporters as Domestic Terrorists? Think no further than the Patriot Act and the unlimited powers that were provided our government to deal with those they deem to be Domestic Terrorists. No trials, no warrants and constant monitoring and we see how Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have lined themselves up as censors of America's citizens who support free speech.

The boldness of the Left knows no bounds and do not doubt that they are not going to ensure that they seize and hold onto their new found political powers. It is amazing that half of our country's citizens can be considered a threat to our Nation. Those calling them a threat don't even know we are a Republic not a Democracy.

America has allowed itself to be put in this position by it's apathy and tolerance of those who hate our Nation. We have neglected to be vigilante and too often voted for the "lesser of two evils" and ending up with evil either way. Make no mistake, Communism is evil. Our Nation is made up of 50 individual and sovereign States and these States are the firewall between the people and an authoritarian centralized government. This firewall is made up of the Governor of each State and their State Legislatures. Some States welcome an authoritarian government but many do not and these States need to hear from the citizens that tyranny is not welcome in their State. Many Americans have moved to States that they believe are aligned with their political beliefs. These citizens cannot just remain quiet and think they are in a safe harbor as they are not. We all should read our Constitution and especially our Declaration of Independence. If we are to afraid to make our voices heard and to stand up to tyranny we will lose what little we have left of our freedoms. Freedoms that were paid for with the blood of our soldiers around the world and even on our own soil fighting the British for our freedom. If we are not men and women of courage then we do not deserve to be free and we will not remain that way. We've seen corruption ignored within our government and by our corrupt media while we ourselves are now marked as a threat to our Nation. How can loving our country and standing for our Constitution and Declaration of Independence be a threat to our Nation?

So the purge has begun and we'll see how we, as a free Nation, fare. Words are our most potent weapon against untruthes and we must not ever fear speaking the truth or we are already lost.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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