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The Purge


It seems the FBI through the DOJ is in the process of "investigating" a number of those who were outspoken about the attempted coup to undo the Trump campaign and his presidency. Victoria Toensing and her husband as well as John Solomon and of course Rudy Giuliani are among those being targeted currently. One can only guess who else is under investigations of one form or another. It is interesting that Biden and the Leftists, to include the (Propagandist) Mainstream Media, continually decry the over zealous law enforcement who work on the street while at the same time use the FBI and other agencies to carry out prosecutions and investigations of those they don't agree with politically and nary a word of condemnation is spoken. Biden and his cohorts are also looking to add huge funding to the IRS so they can in turn go after taxpayers (who were formerly known as citizens) to verify they have paid their full "pound of flesh" to the beast.

Interestingly enough "Trump the Tyrant", as the Democrats and Propagandist Media commonly referred to him, cut regulation and taxes and here is their "savior" Biden who in turn is ramping up the authority and funding of government agencies that have proven rife with corruption and illegal activities. Lest we forget Obama's use of the IRS to go after conservatives and any groups they belonged to as a way to silence or incarcerate them. We have of course the stellar members of the "intelligence" community and FBI with people like McCabe, Strozk (sp), Page, not to forget the former director of the FBI James Comey and the CIA director Brennan. If the IRS and FBI have so much time on their hands one would think they would have let America know what Hunter Biden was up to with China and what they found on his computer to include the videos of his sexual exploits with underage females. Former NY congressman Anthony Wiener went to federal prison for less.

This brings up another point; what has Special Counsel Durham discovered? When are the indictments going to be announced from his investigation? There seems to be a blackout on his investigation and all of the chatter about his integrity and thoroughness of his investigating skills seems to have disappeared along with two years of promises that he would release his findings soon. If there are any members of the FBI, CIA or DOJ to include Durham's team that honor their oath to the Constitution and have any integrity they should come out and tell America what has been going on. We remember FBI Director James Comey and his revelations (leaks), so we know it can happen. Of course Comey is a liar and a criminal but he's "their" liar and their criminal so it's okay. It seems there should be someone with honor and integrity within these agencies that just can't sit quiet. Our federal court system they call what these members (and former members) of these agencies are doing and have done a "conspiracy". If one looks at the "catch all" charge the DOJ uses in the majority of their prosecutions of Americans it's "conspiracy". Not in terms like any conspiracy a conservative believes in, which the Left points out to be just another "conspiracy theory" because when the left see's a conspiracy it's no "theory" but a fact in their twisted minds and reported as fact by the Propagandist Media.

So let the purge pick up steam and sweep away any Conservatives with the courage to "just say NO". The Media will aide the Left in this purge as Pravda helped the USSR in providing information to the People (comrades), although government approved. First they came for the unions, then they came for the ......., then they came for me and there was no one left to defend me. History is an amazing thing if we dare study it.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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