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The Rope That Has Been Strangling Our Economy

From Jerry DeLemus 5/8/20 The recent panic over the Covid 19 flu is more of a respiratory problem than we were told by the media and their friends who hold public office. The reality is the ensuing panic that has gripped our nation for fear of the flu, brought to us by our friends in communist China, is that our economy has been strangled. The rope that has been strangling our economy and hence our nation was provided by China but the force tightening the rope around our nation's financial neck is being held in place by our media and those in our government that support the shutdown. Oh but they claim "if we don't stop the spread or 'flatten the curve', whatever that really means, Americans will die and the end will come". We have done to ourselves what our enemies around the world couldn't and that is to devastate our economy and take our nation to it's knees. This wasn't done to us by the threat of bombs, missiles or bullets it was done through media sponsored panic and a cowardly government. People die, it's a fact and has always been a fact and those who are elderly or in poor health, to include the obese, are more apt to die before the younger healthier populous. If you have an argument with that take it to your insurance company and ask them why the elderly, obese and poor of health cost so much more to insure for health or life insurance, if they can get it at all. It's just a fact and all of the panicking in the world, masks or no masks, will not change those facts. So America is brought to her financial knees and those who have prompted it by their stories of doom and of patriotic mask makers in their basements and those who sacrifice to work at the places of their employment (being doctors and nurses) are the heroes, even though they are being paid to do this work as it is their "chosen" profession. It is not intended to belittle the work of our medical workers but we must put things in perspective lest we become lost in the panic of the herd mentality. If you stand up and refuse to starve or go bankrupt in the spirit of the media and those in political offices you are selfish and worse, a criminal. You must submit to "group think" and give over your freedom to even provide food for your family by your labors or you can and possibly may be fined or arrested. Sounds like capitalism is being outlawed and socialism is being pushed right into communism. We should know that a communist government manages and controls everything, schools, churches (while allowed), group meetings, work, income, military, police and every other facet of your life. Put your mask on and stay home unless you are told differently, now that's a good citizen. How easily we roll over to avoid the chance of catching the flu. How quickly some in our government seize power that is not theirs to seize and discard our protected rights under the Constitution. Well America we have been duped by China and those who want to "fundamentally" change America and we surrendered without so much as a complaint. Not only does communist China and our other international enemies see how quickly we surrender due to our panic fed by the media, but so do those in Washington DC and our own states. What's next we might wonder? We truly should be ashamed of ourselves as we wait dutifully, wearing our masks, hoping for our checks from the government. States and cities that have bankrupted themselves way before this Covid 19 panic are demanding that the rest of America's citizens bail them out. The "sanctuary cities" that have paid the way for illegals and put America at risk, want their share as they haven't been fiscally responsible now wanting this panic to cause us to rescue their illegal behavior. It seems as though Bernie Sanders and his crowd of communists have won quite a battle for now. Lets see if the sleeping giant awakens and has a resolve to set things right. We are a Republic as guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution and we need to start acting like one rather than our citizens acting like servants of a master that would destroy our very way of life. Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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