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The Scheme


2/06/20 It has been a strange occurrence when the Democrats, to include the Propagandist Media, continually asked President Trump before the election if he would leave office if he lost. We've never had a President asked this question and why would these Liberals be so concerned about President Trump? Looking back on this it appears these Leftists knew there may be something in question to cause Trump to doubt the legitimacy of the election. We are all aware of his concerns over how the mail in ballots were being handled, especially in those battleground states, and with good reason. The Democrats were well aware that President Trump had people watching the polling stations for any corrupt behavior and that any ballot rigging needed would need to be done in private. This is why the Republican poll watchers who were put in place to be on the lookout for any illegal activities were sent home, banned, blocked and harassed by the Democrats running the polling stations.

The Left knew that they were going to cheat although they weren't sure by how much they would need to. They had their plans in place and their people, as we have seen. In Georgia the Democrats run the Republican poll watchers out and then, after they are gone they wheel out 4 carts of ballots from under a table covered with a large black tablecloth. The Democrats' mistake was not realizing there were overhead security cameras in place that recorded their illicit activities. When the security video is viewed it's obvious these workers are up to no good and they know what they are doing. Clark County Nevada is where Las Vegas sits and also the Bundy Ranch; for those that know anything about the 2014 Bureau of Land Management corruption with the Bundy family. Interestingly Clark County has experienced a large number of issues, many complaints through affidavits completed by witnesses were filed in court claiming illegal election activities. That is no surprise to anyone who has any dealings with Clark County Nevada.

We've had affidavits filed that a truck loaded with 24 pallets of completed ballots were shipped from New York to Pennsylvania. Now it's more understandable why the Democrats pressed President Trump on the question as to whether he would step down from office if he "lost". It also makes more sense why Joe Biden immediately set up stages and podiums with his sign, "Office of the President Elect". The idea was for him to imprint in the viewers' minds that he is the President. It's a type of "branding" that is being used to condition the people.

We are witnessing the final efforts of a corrupted operation that is heavily financed and has the support of most of our Propagandist Media and a entirely corrupted Democrat party. This operation or scheme has been well planned and boldly enacted to do what the establishment or deep state have been trying to do for four years and that is to overthrow President Trump and his Administration. There is and has been huge money at stake behind this, if we look at Biden's activities in China alone that is billions of dollars. Yet the Propagandist Media ignores the story and buries it. Why would they do that? China invests billions of dollars in our Nation through various activities to include companies that advertise on television. Those sponsors are in bed with the lack of reporting and the biased reporting their stations provide to the public.

Trump is a fighter and a outsider; in reality politically he is us and they hate him for it and are fearful of his exposing and eliminating their corrupted activities. This is why the election was corrupted, they needed President Trump and by extension us out of the way.

The question is will President Trump tolerate it and will we?

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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