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"They don't 'de-oath' you"

From: DELEMUS, GERALD August 14, 2019

[This letter was in response to a note from Ammon Bundy.]

I thought you might like to be able to post it to his page. It was great to see what Ammon said. It is important to stand for what we know is right and at times there is a cost for doing so. We must just be willing to pay the cost and always keep in mind to walk righteously. It is easy to spot problems with our country as there are a plethora of them but providing solutions is far from easy. So many Americans are apathetic and that is a very dangerous attitude to have as it allows lawlessness to go unopposed. Life is short in these bodies God has provided us and we have a responsibility to do what is right as long as we have a breath left in us. Our society and America in particular have become so tolerant of liars, dishonest people, lawless behavior and a government that has lost sight of it's obligation to the people.

I took an oath to uphold our Constitution when I was a young man being sworn into the United States Marine Corps and that oath still stands today, they don't "de-oath" you when you leave the service. Ronald Reagan told us "we are always only one generation away from losing our freedom" and he was right. I fear our Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize our government today as it continually erodes our Constitutional rights guaranteed in the founding documents. I think of all of the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery and what a huge cost has been paid for our freedom, yet we as a people sit by and have little to no civic involvement in our government. Protecting our freedoms is far more than voting in an election, it takes involvement and some time. Think of the nations that have slipped into tyranny, if the people had just united their voices early on and stood up to those that would put them under tyranny the lives saved and the tears not shed would be immense.

I haven't really done anything special or anything that others before me haven't done, I just stood. I love this country and I am not willing to see it slip into a socialist state or worse.

Semper Fi,


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