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True Value at the UN


DELEMUS, GERALD September 25, 2019

While the liberals focus on "climate change" at the United Nations our President is focusing on something of true value and that is religious persecution around the world.

Those around the world that believe in Jesus the Christ are the most persecuted people on earth. It is reported that 80% of these believers suffer some form of persecution for their beliefs. No president has ever delivered a speech on the topic of religious persecution to the United Nations. President Trump is submitting to God and carrying the concerns of the faithful to the entire world.

This is a dramatic change from our last president who supported Islam far more openly than those that believe in Jesus the Christ. One only has to compare the policies and the conversations each of these presidents had with America and the world with regards to faith.

This is another reason the leftist media and those leftists around our country hate President Trump so. "Fear not" Jesus Himself warned if we follow Him we too will be hated and this is surely the case with President Trump.

One wonders how many wonderful stories of things our President has done go unreported by those that hate him.

We must continue to keep President Trump in prayer as we must recognize that, as Paul told us in Ephesians, we battle not against men but against principalities and powers in high places. Pray for the unborn that they will be saved from abortion, pray for the church that it will not be the Church of Laodicea (read in Revelation chapt 3) and that we, as the faithful, will find our voices and stand firm for our God the one true God and His Son Jesus the Christ.

Semper Fi,

another "ambassador in chains", Jerry

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