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Trust God


During these turbulent times that our nation has been experiencing, the COVID pandemic and the rioters calling for supporting anarchy, there are voices that are finally starting to speak.

The church (assembly) has, for months in most cases, been deathly silent while submitting themselves to the will of politicians, the media and many within our government, to not even hold services. If we look back into our Bibles, in Exodus we will see something much like this. When God (Elohim) sent Moses and Aaron to demand Pharaoh to allow His people to go and worship Him. Pharaoh refused to allow God's (Elohim's) people to go to worship Him and even punished them more severely for even attempting to do so. Does this sound familiar as many of our mayors' and governors' treatment of those called to worship our Father and His Son?

There is a time for every season we are told in Scripture and the time has already come for the people of God (Elohim) to choose this day whom they will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD (Elohim/ YeHoVaH). What will your house do? What is it doing? We are told by Paul (Saul) not to be merely "hearers of the Word, but to be doers of the Word". If our pastors and priests are too afraid to hold services then it is time to change your place of worship. Yes it is that simple. If your pastors or priests won't hold services in the buildings then they should move them outside to parks, beaches or someone's field and show our Father in heaven that He is our God (Elohim).

God (Elohim) sent Jonah to Nineveh to call them to repentance and the churches of America need to repent as much as the city of Nineveh needed to. Don't think that our Father in heaven and His Son as well as the heavenly host don't see what we are doing, because they do bear witness to our behavior.

I urge every man and woman of God to push their pastors and priests to serve God (Elohim) and if they refuse, regardless of the excuses (provided by satan), then organize worship services yourself. Remember how the "church" treated Jesus (Yehoshua) when He arrived in Jerusalem, they attacked Him, denied Him and they used the government to put Him on the cross. Let us not be a party to that type of treatment of our Messiah and His Father.

Stand up, speak up, proclaim that Jesus (Yehoshua) is our Lord and start showing a lost world what faith truly is in our Father and His Son. This is the time and we are being tested. The "beast" is trying to destroy the church so let the true people of God (Elohim) stand up and organize, proclaiming with the loud voice that we serve God (Elohim) and His Son not man. Remember the story of Daniel when he was told it was illegal to worship God (Elohim) and again when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to submit (worship) the government's idol. Let us too serve and worship our God (Elohim) as He is a Mighty God and His Son will return and give us our reward for our behavior, good or bad. Trust God (Elohim)!!!

Semper Fi (another "ambassador in chains") Jerry

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